Friday, September 26

wooo...longtime since I've blogged
anyway I'm in this MUSICAL now
for this coming Service Excellence Day happening in Oct
got chosen for a role.
Happy enough as it is the closest thing to theatre which I miss a lot.
Don't really like musical though it is still a form of art,
not my art but can learn lots from it.

17th of September passed not long ago
it has been one year since enlistment...woohoo!!!
another one and half year to go, actually one year and five months.
Please end fast...I have so much catching up to do as all my
friends are flying with the wind and I'm stuck in a can. ARGH!@$%&

just came out from bath, so refreshing
Tomorrow starts another boring day
will there be something to look forward to?
will perhaps some dinner my god sis parents will whip up
if I have the luck that is
anyways you know civil servants are always prone to be affected by whatever is
pro-people, hence they actually involved us the Police National Service people to join this
run at Bukit Timah Hill...and make it as if it is a game? Sigh, and all for promoting health...
Once a month or suggestion isn't enough to pink up your health, MR COMMANDER!
Oh goodness. Hope no FBI or ISD is looking thru this. Anyway I'm speaking through the
bottom of my heart.
They'll need a program straighten out each week, in order to have a concious healthy living...bleh
want to vomit liao...

I just want to finish and pack up.