Saturday, August 23

selection sucked...
better stick to what God has given me and not
what I want to do for the fun of it.
Jack of all trades but master of one
Sleeping time...Zzzzz

Thursday, August 21

Going for badminton selection tomorrow
quite excited actually
but a bit of a down mood today as I heard that
one of my close friends gotten Shell-Nac scholarship from NAC
I know i should be happy for her but I felt that I can excel in that area too
I'm wasting my two years in NS really
just doing my duty for the nation i guess
just can't escape
better read more to improve my theory on theatre so
that I can burst all out when I'm out of
the cage.
Lost my certificate stating my scholarship in 2001's fine...I'll just ask from them again, if not I'll work doubly hard again
to improve my craft.
Going Sentosa for Real Run Nike
before that staying with Yuan's family at shangri-la
can't wait, though I have to run 10km
better run my best...the faster I run...the faster I get to spend time with Yuan.
These past days has been tough
jog and exercise to get the excess weight off my tummy.
I have to continue
I have too
I must
where are you???
I need a driving license soon
my shorty friend had one already and she drove me home
so embarrassing. Well good and happy for her.
Hope I can take my test together with yuan, though
she already signed up due to a saboh
by RINA...
If you RINA, reading this...I WANT TO BOX YOU!!!
heh...kidding lah
Oyasumi (^_^)^

Thursday, August 14

Tomorrow's IPPT is cancelled
sigh...have to report to station early to inform the officers...what a bother!
Got a hell of a tan with Yuan and Sunday
though we did squabble a little
made her cry and stuff
cos I told her about going over to rox's place for dinner and such
I too told her that me and rox are just best of buds
I understand why Yuan is upset
because I have to tell her before hand and not after
she too felt a tad bit lonely as CS is in aussie land
she can't share woes regarding me with anyone.
I feel terrible
I have bullied my partner
but I really love her
I'll just have to listen more I guess
need more communication.
Very Zzzzz...(@_@) _
need to crawl to bed
another day continue to bicker on here.
Goodnight my fellow monkeys

Sunday, August 3

Evening already...
well it is a whole new experience not to care about anything or anyone today
felt a tad bit empty but at least there isn't anxiety
lying to myself again
maybe we won't even talk to each other anymore
perhaps that will solve the problems we have altogether
i don't know why things have to become like this.
Everything was fine...just because you don't like something, the whole world must be in it with you
just do it with your own effort and be happy (.\/.) or say it out...don't follow and regret, grumbling don't solve anything.
Sigh...what did I do???
What is a soulmate?
where can it be found?
How can it complete me?
Maybe the answer can never be found till...
I still not sure what have done
perhaps this is better for both of us
some breathing space
maybe this is a start for more quarrels to come
stupid quarrels that is
hate it hate it hate it
silence is really golden...f**k it!
Another Sunday to stay at home.
and this time because of Macdonald's
as simple as that
Maybe her mom is right that it'll be dificult for both us.
Happiness is hard to find already.
don't really know what lies ahead of us if this continues.
what am I going to do today?
don't feel like doing anything also
just sleep thru my sunday
anyway I'm quite used to it already
or should I meet up with some friends...
hmmm...nah...stay at home
I guess I can live with this silence for awhile
tomorrow August workload comes
my mdm is still the same.
Gotten my SAR two days ago.
It's something like a report card which I need to fill it myself first
hope I can get a good grade, then again...
I'm only there cause it is a have to
do what you DEEM fit thinks it'll make you happy
who cares who oppose your idea of happiness...just do!
of course must be of positive category.
Maybe this will be my last blog.
forget it

Friday, August 1

(6_^) not so great today
feeling damn sleepy whole week long.
My mom's birthday today, or rather yesterday
but only getting her something this weekend
sharing present with cecilia
she don't find the need to talk to someone if she doesn't feel like it
hmmm...okay...fair enough
not pushing anything also
that's her, nothing got to do with me.
She can do whatever as long as her world is intact
and there is a smile on her face
nothing really matters
Lots of redundant work tomorrow as usual