Sunday, August 3

Another Sunday to stay at home.
and this time because of Macdonald's
as simple as that
Maybe her mom is right that it'll be dificult for both us.
Happiness is hard to find already.
don't really know what lies ahead of us if this continues.
what am I going to do today?
don't feel like doing anything also
just sleep thru my sunday
anyway I'm quite used to it already
or should I meet up with some friends...
hmmm...nah...stay at home
I guess I can live with this silence for awhile
tomorrow August workload comes
my mdm is still the same.
Gotten my SAR two days ago.
It's something like a report card which I need to fill it myself first
hope I can get a good grade, then again...
I'm only there cause it is a have to
do what you DEEM fit thinks it'll make you happy
who cares who oppose your idea of happiness...just do!
of course must be of positive category.
Maybe this will be my last blog.
forget it

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