Wednesday, October 15

tom is Service Excellence Day 2003
for the Police Force
oerforming in a musical for them to highlight the
importance of Service Excellence *bored*
Throughout all the rehearsals
I just couldn't concentrate cos of the workload
thinking what my mdm is saying about me behind my back
to SPF I think I am just a number
...very easy to be erase from the rest and replaced by another
this is what my mdm thought me also
besides the many useful things she teaches me

How can you casually say that you want to transfer me???
do you know how haunting is that???
I know I may be average in my job but I know I am good for something but not
in your DAMN BLOODY F**KING office

don't even give me space to think
when you want expect it to be done beautifully and everything isn't like that
though it can
it depends on what kind of mentality you are going forth with

Even me and Yuan don't go really smooth
but squabbles do happen
then constructive building happens between us

But between me and you, MDM
kiss my ASS *(&()&#@$%
feel so much better now.

The same old thing...can't wait till March 2005 (ORD)

Monday, October 13

Today sucks big time.
Total evident that my mdm doesn't trust me.
I told the organisers my predicament in the PNSF dept that I am in
that I have responsibilities which I find it hard to shun
and not sure if my mdm would allow me to go for the
many rehearsals they have scheduled
for me.
Then they have to email my commander then cc to my mdm a nasty mail from
I don't know who.
Quote "SC Cpl Ian Loy expresses fear and doubts over his attendance on the scheduled rehearsals."
Wah lau...who in the right mind would right such a insensitive mail
no tact involved at all.
Feel so lousy. Worst of all...
My mdm says I'll be better off transferred out.
When she said that, the funny thing was
that happiness and sunshine came bustling
into my mind.
I don't mind the transfer as it'll really take the needless pressure off from me.

I miss my dear
very very much.
She gotten her driving licence already
better get mine soon otherwise I'll lose out
but I won't
Singapore transport system is already so good. Who knows
in future, no cars are to be on the road.
Love you dear.
Can't wait till the next time i see you

Church has been delightful lately
don't know why
maybe God is trying to get me back but I'm still at halt
(*_*) bothers!