Thursday, March 31

His joy and my about you? Posted by Hello
hmmm...Angela (left) trying to hide the extra good tiles underneath the tissue of her cover up flu...hehehe Posted by Hello
Me after much prayer...still as cool as ever...carry on praying!!! Not "POSING" Posted by Hello
the sisterhood of "couch potato" look how comfortable they are... Posted by Hello
hello leaders of brightonyouth...God is watching us and we are blessed to serve Him! Posted by Hello
overnight prayer meeting at Orchid Country club...Raymond serenading tunes to holy spirit! Posted by Hello
chillout session after a long day at the beach...Winston and LJ @ my house Posted by Hello
the billabong girl with alluring eye shadow and beautiful orchid earrings...

Set out to setosa today again. What irony it is when someone always asked me to go in the past and yet I don't want to and now I see an abundance of it every week. So Silly. Was out with LJ the drummer guy and we had loads of fun, crappy out at one another and making fun of ang mohs that were pretty weird around us. There this fella who keep smoking non stop and I mean really profusely. Every trip to the sea and back, he gets the cigarette and sticks it to his mouth. A routine seen many times over a period of just 30mins??? I was like what? and LJ thought of "constantine" a character of a horrifically lousy film bout angels and demons who smokes his lungs out (what is hollywood teaching young ppl today) there is one more thing about this guy that really got us watching him. He is one "HAIRY" experience... I mean if Abraham was there, he would have said that God will give him offsprings as many as the "hairs" on his chest!!! He is really hairy and smoking loads as well. So we at the the edge of the shore, busking out our tanned skins concludes that the huge amount of nicotine this guy is taking in has manifested into the huge amounts of chest hairs he has :) EEEK!

Had an eye for a billabong shorts today at the surf shop overlooking the choppy sea of Sentosa. Was pondering whether or not to get it. LJ was like complaining that it looks "PLAIN" but I like plain, plain things are simple and innocent, no need much to understand or decipher as one look will tell all and easy to embrace. I left the shop with much thought whether to invest in it or not cos I have lost my adidas shorts for beach outings. Anyways we went tanning then went to wash up at a secluded bathing area which was quite cool becos we had the place to ourselves, no one knew it was there then whizz down to SAKAE SUSHI to terrorise thier Unagis and Sushis. When we got there, we were so hungry we ordered things four by four...certainly got our money worth there. The surf shop was just beside sakae sushi, hence while I eat, naturally I think of it. 3/4 into meal time I decided to purchase the "plain" wonder billabong shorts. I asked for the size and tried it on "perfect" I bought it straight with much achievement I thought.

In life we ponder which is real and what should we be into and get...I sincerely think that as Christians, we should live life as attractive as the billabong shorts I was mesmerized by, though plain, but one look people will know what we are all about because of the simple decisions and life choices we make. We need to live it out excitingly cause otherwise people might just think our God is a boring God. Now me and you know that He isn't. He is very cool and amazing...parting of the red sea, making the sun stand still for almost a day, sending fire from heavens and having water coming out from rocks...He is exciting and the best is that he change our lives to be of the better, isn't that a personal miracle? We live our live responding to His love daily and thought of just being sold out for Him will definitely seperate us from the rest and people will take notice and ponder, whether or not to invest in this...then they take the step faith and try it on...there a PERFECT fit...praise Jesus (Back to the story)

I got the shorts and I passed it to a girl attending to me. I didn't notice her till like I gave her the shorts then her earrings got me. I have never in my life see someone wearing earrings that so perfectly fits her whole persona and outlook...I was swept! The she looked at me and her eye shadow, overshadowed my thinking system..I had a breakdown for those few seconds. "Is there anything wrong Mister?" she said to me. I just told her that I never seen such nice earrings on a nice person like her. Then I went on asking her where she got her earrings cos I believe those earrings will look extremely good on a certain friend which I always hang with. Don't get me wrong at this part of the story becos I am NOT getting nymphomaniac here (I learnt my lesson remember? Read previous previous blogs and you'll figure). There and then I really thought God is really the master creator of beauty. He put many many beautiful people in my life. Hope all of them come to intimacy with HS in time to come.

Today is chillout session throughout. Thank you LJ for being cool and later on to the night, we painted the town red with a movie "BeCool" Caught it together with Angela and Alywin. Though the night ended abruptly with unease...truth of God stays to ground all matters. Love all of you.

Wednesday, March 23

the elf in me...sleeping time *Yawn* Posted by Hello
abstract shot...dinner ending...but fellowship is evident as always! Posted by Hello
Alywin and myself trying hard to look korean soap heroes! Hehehe...better stick to being warriors for Lord Jesus :) Posted by Hello
Jieyi and XX, the women of the dinner table who only eats chicken breast meat!!! *puke* Posted by Hello
XX,Winston & LJ having a great meal at Hainanese Restuarant "YET CON" the dwellings of ian when he was a child. Posted by Hello
the narrow gates

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only few find it." Matthew7:13-14

Narrow gate is my objective which i have lost grasp of it recently. The whole notion of worldly values came into my head compromising my standards and duties of my principles in Christ. I have been distracted. Interested in someone which I shouldn't, HS please bite me and make me the the best man for you than anyone else. I am immensing myself in holiness right now. It is a cycle which I am familiar with that is shown by HS for me to return to the altar and live my life 'SOLD OUT" for Him. Narrow gate is where God will bless me, God will honour me, God will give me...but on the way to the narrow...broad and wide spaces appear from nowhere, perhaps from the past, perhaps from the lust of the heart, perhaps the deceitful mind, all this suggest I am yet to grow mature in the true vine. I am moving, I am living but still not enough. Many enter the wide gate, meaning many compromised the word, compromised the truth. Jesus is prophesizing here, that there will be many who choose easy way, away from the cross and those who chose the cross which is the hardest way. Jesus went up there in will of the father, it is a "have to" in obedience, if we want to engage the cross there has to be radical obedience. Do I have it? Yes...but do I fail at times?...yes...but i will not give up!

"We are hard pressed on every side but not crushed, perplexed but not in despair..." 2 Cor 3:8

Today I was at sentosa with the brotherhood of Winston, LJ, Alywin & XX. Busking under the warm sun was just therapeautic. Was in the sea chasing waves and crashing into it with Alywin, what boyishness emerged from us when it happened. Then I remembered that when I was really young, my dad picked hermit crabs for me by diving down under. So i thought to myself, "Why not?" Grab a large amount of sand and then came up with a shell and there it was...a small hermit crab...the whole gang was enthralled by it...never see hermit crab before you see!

Alywin took it and went to like have a bio class on it with the rest while me and LJ went to walk the coast of the beach, busking our tanned skin once more. Coming back only to find out that, Alywin went on a mission to get the hermit crab out of its shell, in the process the hermit crab's arm was pulled out!!! Yikes (@___@) God's thoughts hit me...If we live in our own world and be too involved in it, we will find it hard to come out of it. Like the hermit crab we will refuse to come out. But there is a God waiting in wonder to see you in His desire because He loves and is willing to die just to see you, in the process of us being drawn to him out of our will be the crab, we might lose a limb or two and these limbs are the stubborness and comfort zones. It will be painful but it is only for that moment as there will be an eternal lifetime of joy that awaits in a new world besides the small shell that we chosed to dwell in.

In you I'll be found, ALWAYS & FOREVER

Dear Jesus, break the shell, break our prideful spirit, break me and make me up new like you, Jesus. Jesus name...amen.

Tuesday, March 22

If Sharon is the one in brown behind me causing the shade, then who is this next to's fruits? Posted by Hello
Girls at the beach...God's quality lovely persons, not World's baywatch kind... Posted by Hello
the coolest drummer in Singapore (Left) and me. Posted by Hello
Argh! The attack of the untoned bodies, thank goodness we have new ones up in our heavens. Sentosa is really cool! Posted by Hello
Seems like the fasting did not turn out well...fraility of me...well leaders are of human but I will not have this as excuse cos I will do it again till I succeed. Internet is of a dependence, people can actually reprimand or ticked off if you don't check your mail or maybe things just cannot go forward if there is no exchange of the mail thingy. What should I do?

I'll go on food fast, I just need to. God I want to surrender not to thy body but to you...HS I need will of yours, pls let me have it.

My skin is peeling because of over exposure to the sun. I feel like a wrinkled raisin right now. Recently my best friend gotten me rekindled to the game "snatch" again. Can't get enough of it now all thanks to her :P Today woke up with a headache, really didn't wanna wake up but there was a dream waiting for me to have so I need to wake or I cannot fulfill it. Praise to God always.
3000 strong youths at the conference...will their ways be mended? Will God break this Generation? God break me... Posted by Hello
young people like these can "Come to Praise" as well...Jasmine (in pink) you go give the praise girl! Posted by Hello

God's delights as people's praises raised above the clouds and onwards His THRONE Posted by Hello

Last night of PS Conference...packed like sardines!!! Posted by Hello

Friday, March 18

Ah...Ps Jeremy acting strange again. Mabel on (right) take care of these student. Posted by Hello

We are geared up for SYNERGIZ 05 and are you? Be there if you haven't from 17-19 April is the conference held at downtown east. Posted by Hello
Here we are, mabel and I checking out the stage for where it is happening for the youths of age altar for God perhaps, a whole need load of praise! Posted by Hello
a whisper from HS...

from today till next Friday, I'll be on a computer/internet fasting. HS talked to me bout it...that the internet is so filled with junk...too much that I need to go a whole lot of purifiction process thru the living word of God. Very excited on what He is going to reveal to me. I am to study and make series just to make God famous everywhere hehehe...cynical it may seem but I mean He didn't equip me with preaching skills for nothing! Gonna work hard, really hard...God showed me two promised lands. I need to be the man to claim it. For now I am not. I am only a man with little blessings but I am to be the man claim big blessings. Love you Jesus...make me HOLY lord in Jesus name!

today was at SYNERGIZ conference 05 for the day part! Was with Mabel, ministering to her and being her older brother. Really love her a lot and care bout her a lot. She is so spirited, however like me previously, there are some attitude that she needs tuning in the Lord Jesus. SHe won't be able to do it alone. Holiness will come in for her and she will compare, right HS?

Yikes...this June is super packed...Indonesia Mission,Youth Camp, Church Camp, Hillsong (Sydney)!!! Lord I need finance, need to pay back Mrs Koh as well. Tsk...why on earth I agreed to go Korea though I really love the place but like suddenly I have forgotten a huge chunk of it, it is fading to a white shade close to nothingness. Onwards Holidays YAHOO...

Sunday, March 13

The getting old people of Brighton...but fire is churning much within us. Argh! Jiaying, you blocked Angela and ian's will get your desserts! Happy 24th Birthday Joy... Posted by Hello
We are so relaxing...might just sneak a prayer not to have bible study just to busk under the sun a little longer (^_____________^) Posted by Hello