Tuesday, April 26

this is me after a day at the beach. [below] My location is @ emmanuel AOG - Graduation for IGNITE Leaders Posted by Hello
the clear waters of sentosa...it was beautiful...very Posted by Hello
the "RETURN" of the billabong girl with alluring eye shadow, beautiful orchid earrings......and this time with bubblegum fragrance!

all set out to sentosa today catching the sun with dear friend Winston Seah, the cool dude with the most adorable 10 year old sister in the world. Busking under the sun is our usual routine, however this time we found that the water near to the edge of the bridge is actually quite clear. I was like WOW, I jumped in straight away as I settled the bags on the soft white sand higher of ground. I swam like nobody's business. The sun was pouring, the sand was therapeutic, the wind was soothing and the conversations? Trashy!!! Heh...not really so...I mean we both are devout and sold out christians, so we talked a lot bout praise songs, God and most fave topic of guys "the right girl"...not going into details so you want to know anything, you have to buy your gossips at $50 a piece ya :)

Mr Winston was rather upset today for a tad short while. It is definitely not because i am leaving for Indonesia tomorrow, but because of confusing friendships circumstances I guess.

Friendship are meant to be beautiful, I mean look at Johnathan and David? They were the coolest of cool. I mean I am sure they have their fair share of tiffs, however something stuck within the pillar of their mind, helping them to know that friends are forever, big picture is there, the rest don't really matter unless it is blown up to unimaginable proportions. Then will receptiveness and understanding come in? How much is invested in the friendship?...well it comes both sides of the party...forgiveness is always ready at hand and acceptance is always ready to jump on after!

Ha ha...went into the billabong shop again to shop for Weichun's birthday present, what excellent smokescreen this idea is. As I went in, the familiar sweet voice greeted me,"Here he comes again!" followed by the most gleaming smile ever...I was totally melted. She was wearing a wooly green top with denim shorts. you see, she is really tanned so her skin brought enoguh purpose to the clothes to make her stand out, a real eye turner. I made conversations as I wanted to hunt that earring down for someone. She was so helpful, she walked over and write me a map of Wisma just to get me to that place. As she was just a few centimetres away from me, then a tinge of bubblegum fragrance just stroked my smelling senses and I was totally knocked out, into a whole euphoria of "teenage crush", and at the end guess what...this return visit earned me a knowledge of her name "Emily" I was so smittened by her and the nature of her. "Oh Emily Emily"

I know I know...ian are you going girl crazy? Not really crazy, just smittened. I don't even know her but I am allowed to have feelings that doesn't jeporadise anything else right? [Serious tone] But guess what? This are all excuses, it is my flesh talking, my flesh always forgets the past lessons that I have been through. However there is a "heavy anchor" God has given me to remind me to be best for Him, not best for someone of bubblegum fragrance. I am shamed and remorseful. Ian will have to boycott the feelings of billabong girl for a long while to engage in my euphoria of touching Jesus. Man fail that much to learn simple truths. I don't want to be someone fake, because there are just too many of them in this lifetime. Actually "friendster" only paints one side of the picture. I am talking about the testimonies which is one of their catching point for the masses to look out for it. Testimonies always paints half truth, if someone writes the truth, be it good or bad, will the person put it up? If it is good, of course! Bad? 90% tells me NO...it won't be shown. To be truthful with a price to pay, I want to and my aim, but will people still be my friend? Something to think...whenever I wander off, the Christ anchor yanks me back!

I am a broken and a failed person but God is working in my life, want to know why? or why I became a Christian? Email me, ianloy@lycos.com.

I would have to say my secret fan is really a secretive one. Have been enjoying her mails and interesting conversations through sharing. She is a cool photographer, professional one okay...I only play play...she serious one! I want to know more about her cause she loves God as much as me...passionate person...God there is one passionate person I know and I pray that you bless her always to have her walk your paths of righteousness always for your name sake! Off to indonesia, will be back to share more on 1st May :P

Saturday, April 23

caught this while busking under the warmth of sunshine...really beautiful...is God pouring His glory down? I choose to believe :) Posted by Hello

Friday, April 22

this is jiaying's surprise birthday shot. I like it because of it's shadow effects. Look at Megan at the back ground :) Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 21

Only fair to put the buddy that went with me to GMSS on profile [frontal] here on my blog.This was taken the day before the preaching as we were in his house practicing the skit. Winston is of course the guy and on the left the MOST adorable girl Miss Fiona Seah aka "Fi Fi" dear Lord, be with her and guide her into the paths of righteousness for your name sake... Posted by Hello
the guy in the white tee [below seated first row] is Winston, he help me loads in the skit and we hang out big time in the two days before the GMSS stint. Continue to grow unprecedentedly Mr COw!!! Posted by Hello
geylang methodhist rocks! see you in future if there is another opportunity, really love you people. God loves all of you too :) Posted by Hello
there might not be multitudes today @ the session [below] for that will be later in my life in God's allowance, however God today prepared me for the hundreds. And they were fed today not by man's ethics but by God's simple "no matter what love" Posted by Hello
God's man preaching the word with every inch of his body...[preaching stint @ GMSS] this is taken in the second session. The crowd of students were really COOL...they were all like this (^______________^) at the end of the session. God's mighty word hit the "hell" out of them. Praise God! Posted by Hello
the word of the HOLY SPIRIT spoken in GMSS
on the morning of the 20th April 05...

spend the night before revamping five pages worth of notes regarding the prodigal son. It was really tough work. Without prayer and passion it is really a sucky job this is but hey? Thank the Lord for the fervor that He has instilled in me all this time to be patient and wait upon His calling, and today He called me to hundreds of students in GMSS. The topic that was spoken was "DESTINY DECISIONS" and this was to help the now generation who are thinking in this life with the notion of "what is my destiny?" to make decisions that will shape their destiny because there are good decisions and bad ones. And they are of course suppose to make the wise choice. I did what I could today up there. It started of with a skit that God helped me thought about, a present version of the parable that can further enhance the prodigal son parable being told by Jesus. Check it out below (^______________^) _

What is My Destiny?
[Short Skit] @ GMSS

Ah Boy

Ah Boy is playing his favorite XBOX game. He is reaching his final level when his game character died.

Ah Boy: Almost … almost …almost…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh man! Have to start the whole level all over again. Argh! [Continues game, father enters]

Father: Son?

Ah Boy: Not now Dad, I am in a LIFE and DEATH SITUATION right now….Die you stupid aliens!

Father: Son, you are going to BE in a life and death situation if you don’t answer me properly. Now I want to have some time with…

Ah Boy: Cheat code…XYZ up down left right… God mode!

[Father reaches over to turn off the television]

Ah Boy: HEY! What’s wrong with you? Who do you think you are?

Father: [Dumbfounded] Ummm… your father?

Ah Boy: I KNOW, but I was trying to complete the game dad and…

Father: I need to talk to you regarding certain things in your life. Now your grades aren’t doing very well. Even your pet subject is a just passed. Is there something troubling you?

Ah Boy: No dad, nothing is troubling me. Even …even the best person fails at times what. That’s what you always tell me right? So the more I fail the more I succeed. [Looking sheepish]

Father: [Pause and looks at his son, disgusted by the way he answered] you know, I think you spend too much time with that girl; I want you to stop seeing her!

Ah Boy: WHAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN? And she isn’t just a girl, her name is BERNADETTE, she is 14 years old and she is beautiful. You haven’t even see her yet…I mean her eyes…her milky coloured skin…her hair as the winds blows by her…You just don’t know her Dad. Why are you so controlling?

Father: Because I am concerned and I care about you!

Ah Boy: Then give care to someone else because I don’t need someone to control my life, I am old enough. I am “15” yrs of age, I think I know what is right and what is wrong!

[Father gotten fed up with his excuses, plugs out his XBOX and leave the room]

Ah Boy: GREAT! Take the XBOX, I don’t need it, I am a grown man! I am 15 yrs…yup I am 15…KING OF THE WORLD! [Sits in a corner contemplating]

[Few weeks later]

Ah Boy: [on phone] Darling, baby…why? Now he is not better than me. What? Just, just because he has more handsome than me and you are leaving me to be with him? But I given you everything you asked and I starved for almost a month, played truant, skip classes, failed exams and gotten scolding from my dad. Come on…without you…I am not the King of the world anymore, please don’t leave me… [Hang up]

[Long pause] [Father enters the room and sees his son…with much guilt Ah boy makes subtle eye contacts with father. Father opened up his arms]

Father: Come. [Gives a big hug to Ah Boy]


the truth is I really really had nothing on my head. All I did was to ask God, what do you want this young minds of the present to hear today? And there a certain gusto of courage came, though it was unsteady at first but it went stable gradually. like a chick i thought that is learning how to fly but the wings are still soft and have little feathers, I felt that way much. That picture is sticking to me.

Today the teachers gotten a shock when they knew that I was 25 yrs of age. They thought I was some young punk still waiting for results and doing this for fun or something. But they realise it when I spoke and held conversations with them. Sigh, we still live in a society of first impressions, very difficult to shake because I am guilty of that as well. All we can do is to always try our best to see beyond, beyond my youthful looking face, hair and dressing. I have strange feeling that I will be like this for a long while...oh well...may it serve God well anyway in whatever he gave me, be it knowledge or talents.

One bad thing I did today was to ask winston how I fare in the two assemblies. I am so sick!!! Who am I suppose to please, man or God?

10Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ. Galatians1:10

Anyhow winston that cool dude told me I fare okay for the first assembly and *ROCKED* the second assembly. To me...I didn't really think it was me there because I was like in a euphoria of love...just trying to share some of mine to the hundreds before me. I thank all those who have prayed for me, especially Danny, Angela, Wing (my new found friend, will hang with her soon and have coffee with her if God permits), Ps Rachel, my three dear CGLs, my kids in area, Alywin, Reynard, Weilin and and big thank you for those who know me and supported me morally or even spiritually at GMSS. It has been an honour and priviledge to be there to share God's wonderful love. GMSS ROCKS!!! - peishan if you reading this, i want you to come youth camp ya, remember to ask your MAMA okay? Money not a problem ($______$) the important thing is you coming and join the fun bunch here with us.
the new me beginning from nothing

from today onwards God will break me. whatever that is not of Him will be teared away from me painfully, because it is always the flesh that is unwilling to let go. I renounce lust,desires,ambition,loneliness and laziness out of my life in the name of Jesus. There is going to be a new identity in me. I have nothing right now, no status, no money, no job, no relationship to hold dear to, no reputation and nothing to be prideful about besides Him being my deliverer. Lord, I am nothing and this should be the best ground for you to start something in me. The land is flat and bare so drill that cornerstone even deeper this time so that it will hit the well of praise and words to be spoken to you and your people. Lord, let there be you in my "nothing" world. I have nothing to prove but to see joy in myself loving you and doing all just for you. I am not giving up on love because I know you will be showing me an ultimate love in situations I chose to bless you with. reveal yourself to me more Lord. I am turning back to you, because you are a God that will never close doors on the broken hearted. Enter in the empty room of my heart oh God, let my tears and longing be your red carpet to honour your presence. You are in me. And there will be an altar where a bon fire will be burning for you. Feed me the fire Lord in your word, guide me in literacy of your Holy Spirit inspired men of the holy books. Give me daily bread! I need it, I want it and I want to eat it that it will surely be the strength that runs through every part of my spiritual body, hence to override the worldly body that is so prone to sin of this world.
All I Need Is You
Left my fear by the side of the road hear You speak
Won't let go fall to my knees as I lift my hands to pray
Got every reason to be here again
Father's love that draws me in
And all my eyes wanna see is a glimpse of You
One more day and it's not the same
Your spirit calls my heart to sing
Drawn to the voice of my Saviour once again
Where would my soul be without Your Son
Gave His life to save the earth
Rest in the thought that You're watching over me
All I need is You Lord...Is You Lord
All I need is You...All I need is You
You hold the universe
You hold everyone on earth
You hold the universe
You hold...You hold...

Wednesday, April 20

Dear Lord,
I am so scared and lonely right now. Most probably so because only in my weakness you can use me. It is my first sermon preaching tomorrow and the topic will be you Lord. Jesus, I am sorry for all the past hurts I have caused you, and I am sorry for all the unrepented sins that I carry with me in this life. However I know it is an opportunity that you gave me to go another level with you. Lord Jesus, break me now so that I will be nothing, and only when I am nothing, you can create something in me, something of you :) I know you are just and fair and all forgiveness has been paid on the cross! Let no lies be set upon me but let your armor on me a reminder to me that I am in your company. Lord, soften the soil there tom and may your seeds be sown. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Tuesday, April 19

this is another korean movie which i love besides my sassy girl...i am so going to get the dvd for this. Hmmm...will I ever get to fall for a korean girl or a look alike maybe :) God...you there? Posted by Hello
this is my room in the play for the grandma scene...sat here wondering and asking why my parents died. the play went on for two weeks, each day i needed to find new reasons to be in the state of breaking down. (*___*) Posted by Hello
the performance space in the play titled "Btw the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" looks so cool here...gotten like 5 stars out of 5 and I wonder why it isn't full house every night...hmmm :( Posted by Hello
the beautiful skyline of singapore from padang, one of my most favourite spots to be besides Sentosa. Posted by Hello
wondering what amazing thing God will bring about next? Posted by Hello
monkeys of different kind... Posted by Hello
looking at stars in the sky those two and steph is looking at stars on earth that God created...keep on shining guys! Posted by Hello
me and our drummer dude chilling out major! LIVESTRONG supporters...find cure for cancer... Posted by Hello
the brady bunch of brighton just hangin out at padang (green fields) Posted by Hello

Monday, April 18

My testimony...[should've been here a long time ago]

Testimony of Ian Loy

Parents” is what I would describe the people in Brighton Community means to me. I have grown in the culture of Brighton since my secondary school days while the people were still worshipping at Bartley Christian Church. Initial pull for me to attend it was peer pressure, a good one though. Friends from there tell me that people there are sincere, fun and “beautiful?” I’m like okay, why not? I said this with adolescent genes hitting on top of my head. Fair enough, I went and there after I got into a relationship with a girl close to two months, then it happened. Two of the Discussion Group Leaders (DGL), Doris and Agnes, came to me and tell me the rational of Brighton. The Brighton culture of God loving youths, having serious thoughts about living holy for Him and most importantly a person called Jesus. When they told me about Jesus, my heart reacted. There and then I say to them “Yes, I would love Jesus to enter into my heart” I accepted Christ. They tell me now you are a new creation, all pass sins are taken onto Jesus, no more the old. I was excited, come next day…erm…still the same. I really thought a cloud of mist or a burning bush will appear in front of me, well, it didn’t happen, however I could slowly understand though God didn’t come in the form of what I expected, He quietly came and took over the role of my late father in my life. A change was taken place and I was changed, my habits, my friends and my culture all taken and exchanged with a holy one. It was difficult because the frills of youth are so seducing in the world. I took many falls but also many stands with His help.

The boy in me reached a mature age of 21 years, a coming of a man. I was in exodus from Brighton Community Church for almost a year because of certain issues which made me hate the people in there. The hatred followed me for a whole of that year, but I can sense God easing my pain, each time I am forced to attend Cecilia’s (my ex-girlfriend) church. Though it is quiet kind of country side church, I still find God in there is the smallest of dwellings, thank you Cecilia J . My spiritual life was in all time low. The spirit says to me, “Ian, you hate the people or you hate me?” I always shun away from that. Imagine, shunning away from the Almighty God, Creator of the Earth, Author of our Lives and I shunned Him. But hey, our God is not a God of “GIVE UPS”

God made me listen to Him in the strangest of ways. I was deployed to do some afternoon duty till evening at Geylang Police Station. It was a tiring and was dead beat after the shift, hence I took a bus not realizing where it would go, because I know it is a bus that will take me home. I slept and woke. First thing I saw from the right side of the window was “Singapore Post Centre” I was like no way. God made it this obvious for me, as if it is like God grabbing me by my collar and say to me, “Ian, get back to my dwellings.” And then He gives me a big kick to my butt and I alighted. I was led to level 5, still remembering where it is but having a notion that no one will be there. I came up and the spiritual atmosphere hit me. Youths are in circles, praying with vigor and passion. The spirit whispered into my thoughts, “Isn’t this what you have been praying for since, here I give to you, you will give me what you owe now, give your best for me” then Youth Pastor Danny came, and chat with, inviting me in the humblest of ways back to Brightonyouth. And I agreed, suddenly my spiritual well overflowed causing a flood into the dry desert that I was in. The spirit led me into desert then the spirit led me to an oasis of new life. Though painful but now I know it is worth it.

“…That joy is mine, and it is now complete.He must be greater; I must become less.” John3:29-30

The joy given by Him since is now mine and it has been complete when I come in one communion with Him, casting away all my issues and strongholds which is of no importance compared to entering into His presence where is free and soaring. “If you love Him, show it!” that’s my way of Christian living. There is no other way now, but one way and that is Yah-Weh! Worship Him and the rest will be added onto you. Praise to the KING OF KINGS…

Thursday, April 7

June Camp is here. Anyone who comes to this blog, please consider for it will perhaps it just might change your current life around. Interested parties please mail me at brightonyouth@gmail.com, see you there :) Posted by Hello
my kitchen...my brother's dwellings Posted by Hello
my long lost friend...another buddy! (Rox) Posted by Hello
Me taking pic of myself at a mirror after quiet time...how silly! Posted by Hello
My quiet time while I prepare for my performance in Between Devil and Deep Blue Sea. I love God (*______*)^ Posted by Hello
Hmmm...too many people with that specs...but she made it look good anyhows :P Posted by Hello
Angela's prolific underling (Sam)...camera shy though! Posted by Hello