Wednesday, April 20

Dear Lord,
I am so scared and lonely right now. Most probably so because only in my weakness you can use me. It is my first sermon preaching tomorrow and the topic will be you Lord. Jesus, I am sorry for all the past hurts I have caused you, and I am sorry for all the unrepented sins that I carry with me in this life. However I know it is an opportunity that you gave me to go another level with you. Lord Jesus, break me now so that I will be nothing, and only when I am nothing, you can create something in me, something of you :) I know you are just and fair and all forgiveness has been paid on the cross! Let no lies be set upon me but let your armor on me a reminder to me that I am in your company. Lord, soften the soil there tom and may your seeds be sown. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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