Monday, April 18

My testimony...[should've been here a long time ago]

Testimony of Ian Loy

Parents” is what I would describe the people in Brighton Community means to me. I have grown in the culture of Brighton since my secondary school days while the people were still worshipping at Bartley Christian Church. Initial pull for me to attend it was peer pressure, a good one though. Friends from there tell me that people there are sincere, fun and “beautiful?” I’m like okay, why not? I said this with adolescent genes hitting on top of my head. Fair enough, I went and there after I got into a relationship with a girl close to two months, then it happened. Two of the Discussion Group Leaders (DGL), Doris and Agnes, came to me and tell me the rational of Brighton. The Brighton culture of God loving youths, having serious thoughts about living holy for Him and most importantly a person called Jesus. When they told me about Jesus, my heart reacted. There and then I say to them “Yes, I would love Jesus to enter into my heart” I accepted Christ. They tell me now you are a new creation, all pass sins are taken onto Jesus, no more the old. I was excited, come next day…erm…still the same. I really thought a cloud of mist or a burning bush will appear in front of me, well, it didn’t happen, however I could slowly understand though God didn’t come in the form of what I expected, He quietly came and took over the role of my late father in my life. A change was taken place and I was changed, my habits, my friends and my culture all taken and exchanged with a holy one. It was difficult because the frills of youth are so seducing in the world. I took many falls but also many stands with His help.

The boy in me reached a mature age of 21 years, a coming of a man. I was in exodus from Brighton Community Church for almost a year because of certain issues which made me hate the people in there. The hatred followed me for a whole of that year, but I can sense God easing my pain, each time I am forced to attend Cecilia’s (my ex-girlfriend) church. Though it is quiet kind of country side church, I still find God in there is the smallest of dwellings, thank you Cecilia J . My spiritual life was in all time low. The spirit says to me, “Ian, you hate the people or you hate me?” I always shun away from that. Imagine, shunning away from the Almighty God, Creator of the Earth, Author of our Lives and I shunned Him. But hey, our God is not a God of “GIVE UPS”

God made me listen to Him in the strangest of ways. I was deployed to do some afternoon duty till evening at Geylang Police Station. It was a tiring and was dead beat after the shift, hence I took a bus not realizing where it would go, because I know it is a bus that will take me home. I slept and woke. First thing I saw from the right side of the window was “Singapore Post Centre” I was like no way. God made it this obvious for me, as if it is like God grabbing me by my collar and say to me, “Ian, get back to my dwellings.” And then He gives me a big kick to my butt and I alighted. I was led to level 5, still remembering where it is but having a notion that no one will be there. I came up and the spiritual atmosphere hit me. Youths are in circles, praying with vigor and passion. The spirit whispered into my thoughts, “Isn’t this what you have been praying for since, here I give to you, you will give me what you owe now, give your best for me” then Youth Pastor Danny came, and chat with, inviting me in the humblest of ways back to Brightonyouth. And I agreed, suddenly my spiritual well overflowed causing a flood into the dry desert that I was in. The spirit led me into desert then the spirit led me to an oasis of new life. Though painful but now I know it is worth it.

“…That joy is mine, and it is now complete.He must be greater; I must become less.” John3:29-30

The joy given by Him since is now mine and it has been complete when I come in one communion with Him, casting away all my issues and strongholds which is of no importance compared to entering into His presence where is free and soaring. “If you love Him, show it!” that’s my way of Christian living. There is no other way now, but one way and that is Yah-Weh! Worship Him and the rest will be added onto you. Praise to the KING OF KINGS…

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