Wednesday, April 2

10,000 BC likens to 10 years in the cinema!

A typical story of a young chump that tries to find his destiny in the most ways away from what he naturally thought. Then overcoming various struggles to form the man he suppose to be to qualify receiving that very destiny that awaits him.

Hence I was there sat in front of the screen, not very surprised but entertained by the cinematography. Really wished they talked caveman language instead of English as it dampens the movie with a coat of unrealism.

But it did teach me some values and reminded me of the same typical rule of a hero's journey. "Am I the man to receive the given destiny?" Is it a YET or is it a AM?

Talk more in my next post. Promise*

Monday, March 24

my beloved cell group during "Friendship Day" we made butt-whopping cards that smacks happiness right into the faces of the ones we love :)
Happy Easter Day

Today was the supposed actual day of the resurrection! Well I am glad and fortunate for the Almighty to cometh down in human flesh clothing to give that precious life in order for us to have a fulfilled meaning in life, however today I was more excited about my students for CHIJ St Nics meeting my darlings of the cell group 'Planet i'

Though the day started really badly for one, the assurance of love from God and faith in people's heart never fail to comfort me. I was so nervous as the play "Beautiful Beard" is closing in on its very first showing! I got to admit that this play was a tad jaded from the quality I have invested in "The Gift" [Christmas Play 07] the actors looked tired and weary while I grow ever frustrated with dissatisfactions of personal artistic preferences. The play went on quite until the last moment where the sparklers went terribly wrong! Ivana fainted...people panicked...due to??? Me,I did not rehearse the ending part properly. Ian has grown complacent. Downfall of a promising artist. Though my actors covered the accident quite well and serious gave their all to put in sincere effort to string in this emotional drama to its best but at the last moment because of ian's foolishness sigh!

But But But...people still liked it! Gave great reviews and uplifting comments about the play. Kudos [Ian raises both arms, motioning it up and down] to Yanping, Winston, Andrew, Alvin, Ivana, Sophia, Helena and Ben, plus not forgetting Huiping, Freddy, Eugene Tay, Sin Ming, Suresh, Collin, Roy and Jin Siang. And needed special gf of course...bearing my constant PMSes due to periods of artistic stresses both in the church play and outside work.

Oh no...I forgot to take pictures with my students today :( aiyo ! Mr Ian will take with you all yet again at the fair okok???

Tuesday, February 5

The theme of the night was to chill and just look at our Sylvia, the exact representation of the word. She took it so literally that anyone who looks on to this pic and they can really feel relaxed. That girl is see in the LUMINOUS GREEN shorts, that is Kathryn Tan and she is HOT!
That is Roy with the deliciously marinated lamb chop that is yet to be barbecued and there is Cherie-Lianna, the MIA darling of our cell group. And there is me on the far right, a tad feeling of obesity overcoming me. I still need to lose more weight.
An Almost Busy Year is 2008

I will revive this blog because Haoyi is screaming out her lungs at me through the recesses of my tag box. And the entries from now on will be very much alive as how Jesus is resurrected from 2000 years is a fact!

The beginning of this year was a slow start with no work to begin with. I prayed and really ask God for a financial breakthrough and it did come, only after 3/4 of the January month had passed by. Though I wish there are more work for me but this is all I got. Ian is not a loafer or a person to just short change work for just the money in mind. Ian is a craftsman of the ARTS and he has the character and talent to back all that up. Just give him that chance. Anyways these are the projects that I have this year and some I am committed to till 2009.

Schools that I am engaged in:

1) St Andrews Sec School [Musical/SYF09] 2008-2009
2) NUS High School of Maths & Science [Play/SYF09] 2008-2009
3) St Hilda's Primary School [Drama Club] 2008-Pending
4) Bukit Batok Secondary [Drama Program] 2008
5) Bukit View Primary [Drama Club] 2008-Pending

I am up to my neck but still feeling the lethargy of the slow start to the new year. In order surpass theatre greats, I need to work doubly hard, only then recognition of my opus is at hand. Even not, I do not mind, for my stage has to be for the divine being of my life hence it can only be great.

I will update to here. But there are lots more to my life, like my love life and how valentine's day is coming and dealing with all the script writing. And the EASTER08 that is coming, what am I to do with it?
This is my cell group. Not all here though but I love them all. We are about to have a one day camp out at Pasir Ris Costa Sands. This happened Dec07 last year and I could say it was the turning point of our lives in our cell. Praise God!

Tuesday, January 8


The magic within my fingers just to blog now is simply fantastic. I lie on my comfy bed and doodle my thoughts on this new age hand held from apple is definitely a luxury. Today I'll be going for a job interview at St Hilda's Pri and just yesterday I went for another interview at St Andrews for a musical performance job. Though all of these are not confirmed, but I am believing in God for providence and break through this year as to make it a year where things will happen for me in recognition and finance. Pray for me ya.