Thursday, January 11

A Fresh Start

Ian is blogging again. He is marking it as a new journey into a whole new life and a season of his life away from sunny Singapore into lonely Modestos CA [California] for about a year. You will hear stories of both triumph and lowly dumps of his spiritual journey there. There is no cut backs nor censorship but the truth of how is it going to be. Fact is that he is in financial confusion now and checking all areas to find money. Money is a factor but not a dead end for him. The next entry he puts in here means he has come up with enough money to go through.

Hello this is Ian and his evil twin blogging on my behalf at times, so don't really be bothered by him cos if you get to know him, he can be almost a gentlemen. I am aiming to leave by 21 Feb 07. Let's see if it is God possible :)