Tuesday, February 5

The theme of the night was to chill and just look at our Sylvia, the exact representation of the word. She took it so literally that anyone who looks on to this pic and they can really feel relaxed. That girl is see in the LUMINOUS GREEN shorts, that is Kathryn Tan and she is HOT!
That is Roy with the deliciously marinated lamb chop that is yet to be barbecued and there is Cherie-Lianna, the MIA darling of our cell group. And there is me on the far right, a tad feeling of obesity overcoming me. I still need to lose more weight.
An Almost Busy Year is 2008

I will revive this blog because Haoyi is screaming out her lungs at me through the recesses of my tag box. And the entries from now on will be very much alive as how Jesus is resurrected from 2000 years ago...it is a fact!

The beginning of this year was a slow start with no work to begin with. I prayed and really ask God for a financial breakthrough and it did come, only after 3/4 of the January month had passed by. Though I wish there are more work for me but this is all I got. Ian is not a loafer or a person to just short change work for just the money in mind. Ian is a craftsman of the ARTS and he has the character and talent to back all that up. Just give him that chance. Anyways these are the projects that I have this year and some I am committed to till 2009.

Schools that I am engaged in:

1) St Andrews Sec School [Musical/SYF09] 2008-2009
2) NUS High School of Maths & Science [Play/SYF09] 2008-2009
3) St Hilda's Primary School [Drama Club] 2008-Pending
4) Bukit Batok Secondary [Drama Program] 2008
5) Bukit View Primary [Drama Club] 2008-Pending

I am up to my neck but still feeling the lethargy of the slow start to the new year. In order surpass theatre greats, I need to work doubly hard, only then recognition of my opus is at hand. Even not, I do not mind, for my stage has to be for the divine being of my life hence it can only be great.

I will update to here. But there are lots more to my life, like my love life and how valentine's day is coming and dealing with all the script writing. And the EASTER08 that is coming, what am I to do with it?
This is my cell group. Not all here though but I love them all. We are about to have a one day camp out at Pasir Ris Costa Sands. This happened Dec07 last year and I could say it was the turning point of our lives in our cell. Praise God!