Sunday, March 26

this is the outside of the office from my room, I cannot imagine nor believe, it can only be from Him. Again I thank Him...
i am now working in a company named "CambridgeCollege" FULL TIME and they have given me the job of being a resident teacher for Drama at Yio Chu Kang Sec Skool, I am so happy! Thank you Jesus :P
this is me and Sherlene posing for the camera. She is one cheerful and jovial personality, see so CUTE right she? kekeke
ooh some of the happenings within the workshop, taking the creativity of young minds to a whole new level.
i am at "Yio Chu Kang Secondary School" teaching drama in a workshop as some company needed last minute relief for that particular lesson. Boy was it FUN :) look at the crowds.

Wednesday, March 15


recently gotten a florist in melbourne through a good friend of mine in melbourne to deliver flowers for rox. love can really bring about a propelled purpose and weird actions that verifies it. However waking at this hour spells thoughts and unrest of certain things. Dreamt of the things that rox told me to think about while in pursuit of us being the end picture.

oh it waivering? I am not sure though these shakings are expected, but I am sure of the end picture. However the thoughts are pointed whether or not it is fair on her side if I am vigilant about my faith or what I want to do in future.

My Definite Calling

1) Youth Pastor [In Brighton perferbly...if is still the grace of His that I ride on...anyone?]
2) To lead 500 young ppl into discipleship in sometime in my life.
3) Set up at church with a theatre as big as a warehouse, hosting the young ppl of generations.

This is what I am going to aim for. Right now I might be doing things differently that reflects the total opposite of what it is in the end but I have faith it'll come to pass. The first step was when I rejected my given scholarship with me memorising and done all the preparation only to tell them in the end that I cannot do it. Theatre is like my nature, it is what that is precious to me and what is precious to me is precious to God. I do not want to offer God anything in my life that cost me Abraham's final was Isaac to the altar where God knew that Isaac is Abraham's love. What is precious to Abraham is precious to God, Abraham understands God hence he gladly stood in His obedience of steel. God honors it...

15 The angel of the LORD called to Abraham from heaven a second time 16 and said, "I swear by myself, declares the LORD, that because you have done this and have not withheld your son, your only son, 17 I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies, 18 and through your offspring [b] all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me."

God gave Abraham a vision to begin with, but the problem was that he was not the person that he could be at that point to receive such "GOD SIZED" blessing until certain testings that entered into Abraham's life of tutorship into God's kind of obedience. It means that if ian wants his calling or vision, ian has to give God his most precious.

rox on the other hand might be overwhelmed by this as she wants to see the world and do many things that she wants to establish her love for her passion in her arts. that got me thinking if she will support me though it is hard to say also when we are apart by the pacific. this kind of thing need time to tell. Cause for definite I am not going anywhere away from where He wants to be nor I will enforce any of ideals or truth on anyone. Cause I know the HS in me will allow "ordinary" situation that mankind thinks it is bad for relationship and make it "extraordinary" making it a relationship that will stand for eternity not just for this lifetime :) I am done.

Sunday, March 12

This was my first ever offering preaching which I spent much effort to understand where God wants me or rather the church to position the thoughts about "Giving" Think I'll just put it here and share with all of you. I didn't think it all myself as I've gotten the fish bone structure of it from a CHC sharing that influenced me.

The Altar on the Threshing Floor

18 And Gad came that day to David and said to him, “Go up, erect an altar to the LORD on the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite.” 19 So David, according to the word of Gad, went up as the LORD commanded. 20 Now Araunah looked, and saw the king and his servants coming toward him. So Araunah went out and bowed before the king with his face to the ground.
21 Then Araunah said, “Why has my lord the king come to his servant?”
And David said, “To buy the threshing floor from you, to build an altar to the LORD, that the plague may be withdrawn from the people.”
22 Now Araunah said to David, “Let my lord the king take and offer up whatever seems good to him. Look, here are oxen for burnt sacrifice, and threshing implements and the yokes of the oxen for wood. 23 All these, O king, Araunah has given to the king.”
And Araunah said to the king, “May the LORD your God accept you.”
24 Then the king said to Araunah, “No, but I will surely buy it from you for a price; nor will I offer burnt offerings to the LORD my God with that which costs me nothing.” So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen for fifty shekels of silver. 25 And David built there an altar to the LORD, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings. So the LORD heeded the prayers for the land, and the plague was withdrawn from Israel.

Here there is an interesting conclusion to this chapter.

Here in this conclusion, God told King David to go to the threshing floors of Araunah and to worship over there.

So King David went to the threshing floors of Araunah. Can you imagine the King, the King of Israel coming to your house? What could Araunah do? Araunah bow down on face and begin to pay compliments to the King.

And Araunah ask the King why have you come to my place?

And King David replied that I am here to worship God, I am here to build an altar for God.

Then Araunah says you know what King, I will give you my threshing floor and I have oxens as well take as many as you need because you are the King. Wait you know what, I am going to put all these in one encompassing package for you because I love you as King, I would even provide the wood for your offering.

And you know what, David took look at this whole thing, he look at this whole entire package that Araunah provided for him.

David was given an offer to worship God at a discount. In fact David was given an offer to worship God for free!

[Service oriented society example]

You know what David refuse this discount, he refuse this free package and made this statement in v24

“No, but I will surely buy it from you for a price; nor will I offer burnt offerings to the LORD my God with that which costs me nothing.”

Friends, this afternoon when you came to this place, you have the ushers to serve you to your seat.

Just now you had the worship team, the musicians and the vocalists to help you and serve you in your worship.

In a few moments time, we have our Senior Pastor to come to the pulpit to serve you the Word of God.

Really the offering time is the only time where you can give something to God out of your own as a sacrifice.

That’s why in our offering, we want to get it right from this week onwards.

Let us not come and offer to God at a discount

Let us not come and offer to God something for free

Let it be something that cost you

Let it be a true sacrifice

You see the beautiful part of this story is that on this piece of threshing floor, eventually the temple of God was built.

Friends, if you read throughout the bible, God always builds on the sacrifices of His people.

When God’s people would learn to sacrifice, God will say I will build on that, I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Tuesday, March 7

this is the 6th Annual Life! Theatre Awards which I've attended. And the Finger Players gotten three awards under the categories of Best Actress, Best Director and Best Lighting Designer. Kudos to the Finger Players! People who has always given me the opportunity to grow and shine in my craft as a practitioner of Arts.
me and the infamous "Mr Miyagi" aka Benjamin Lee I think...took this shot embarrassingly with Hossan Leong laughing at the background, oh dear Roxanne, I took this shot because you intro me to him, so this is for you! He says hi to you as well cos I had a chat with him. Now ian is branded as Mr Star Struck tsk tsk...
it is obvious who lost the match...ian will have his day ARGGGHHH ( .V. )
frisbee session with connect group after starbucks last saturday...look at the concentration!
three leaders of Brighton Youth wanted for supposed peeing in the SIngapore River...tsk tsk...still so happy about it LOL :)
the gangsters for Christ...we are male by birth but "MEN" by choice!
Oh Gosh...Daryl is walking on water...and the other two...what faith!
what is Matthew and Zhen Sheng doing kneeling down like that??? AH I KNOW...the freedom of worship...carry on guys!
phototaking session at esplanade was really a fun event, everyone bonded with one another. Just look at them and Daryl [in black tee] looks like the only one that got his eyes fixed on something others others can't see (^____^) P
this is the 2nd half of the happy bunch in the StarBucks that we dwelled in for that Bible Study :)
this is the happy bunch of my connect group. They are the best bunch of guys and they will be great men in future. Pillars of a great church for Christ for sure. I'll pray and ensure it happens.
my connect group had bible study at "StarBucks" first ever time I tried it out.Though it isn't up to my expectations due to the ever going construction outside interuppting the flow of the Holy Ghost but it was the bonding the encapsulate the spirit of fellowship emmulating the disciples in Acts.

Friday, March 3

I crave a divine understanding

Understanding the exegesis of the Corinthian Epistles is one heck of a job. Whatever Rev Ruth taught in class today includes scholarly constructed words which I received only 40% or less of it. The the biblical view of ian loy is definitely much simpler, am I do stay like this and struggle in bible skool. I am beginning to waiver in my thoughts about it. Yes, it is my calling to come here, whether or not my vessel is ready to receive is another. One thing is sure is that I am gaining depth here. However I envy though the older personalities of my classmates who grew up young in church and started passionately and diligently in the pursuit of His Character in the various mediums offered to them in their time.

Why I have time to blog now? I am skiving. Feeling so bad...think I better head back to class before someone catches me. Better widen my capacity for head knowledge! This I can only ask HS to help because I am really at my limits. During class I was thinking about last night when my mum asked me to fininsh up the corn soup she made, and I told her I just wanted to eat the corn and not the meat pieces, guess what was her reply? "SHUT UP and EAT" so funny...whole family talks the same way however we know it in our code that love enfolds that ruffian alike language.

Rox sms me in class today. Shared with me what will make her really mad mad mad. Well, understanding her thoughts, who wants to be imposed of ideals and values of another person. I rather the person accept it and understand it on his or her own will. Like this she or he reap what she'll be more self revelating! Going back to class liao...super late YIKES (^_____^) P Jia You!!!