Sunday, October 28

this shop is rather unique, it has my fave pair of shoes which i want to get that cost $199. But i must budget if I want to be prosperous. This is my new shopping place, come check it out.

Recently went to "Haji Lane" with two of my cell group members, Valerie [looking down] and Sandy [in uniform]. The lane is full of independent designers and vintage espionage exploding left and right of the shop houses. I totally love it there and gotten a pair of earrings for Angela which are totally beautiful. The rustic and fusion of 70's and current trends gives young people today a new experience in shopping concept. Go check it out ya.

Thursday, October 25

This is the new wall in my room. Soon there will be spray painted flowers and branches imprinted on it. I love murals a lot. Not sure why but if I am a visual artist I will definitely go for mural studies.

Thursday, October 18

This is another one. From the left, Lynette, Tiffany, Cherilyn and myself. These girls are all so sweet, except for Hao Yi, she is "SPECIAL"

This is me, Wang Ying and Jennifer. This is the only clear photo that I have from my birthday party. So sad, which means I need to have a new digi cam. Anyone wants to donate to the Ian Loy Foundation?
Gals of 2Hope,this is what I am telling you about! Join me this Sunday ya

I have to blog this. It is the first in history and it has to be with a bloke with no sense whatsoever about soccer being just a game. It is really silly, if any of you were in the mind of ian loy during the argument, it will be like a kid whose candy has been taken away and I am the antagonist. Since when??? I have never had real problems playing the game that I play and this person has to appear and cause the whole galaxy of common sense to fall apart.

Like someone say "Common sense is really not common at all" At the end of the day I must say I contributed to it. But it is really silly, right after the incident, I ran to him and apologize straight! He said I am not sincere...I apologize again...He walked away. is me, I happened to be there and he happened to be there, hard luck or rather a testing of temper. I must say I improved a lot, if I were younger, i would have busted his face. That I have God to thank for really. God is good as His goodness and mercies shall follow me forever and ever.

Well I am the first of Brighton's history to be RED CARDED or banned for a game. So silly, a game of passion turned malicious just by not having a bigger heart. He kept insisting that I am out to injure him??? Then again this person has real issues that only he himself can handle, I cannot help. I played my part and next time I'll just steer away from him if I am ever playing against him again.

I am thinking about 2 Hope again! Hope they can come for BBQ and fun games this Sunday. Are you gals coming or not???

Friday, October 12

This is Nodame the anime version. Enjoy the OST i have on the blog.
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Nodame POWER!!!

Been spending some time watching my favorite Jdrama online titled "Nodame Cantabile Live Action" There are some life lessons I certainly can take over there. She fights so hard just to be on par with someone she really loves and she fights with the things she loves most which is music. She don't dare to face music as it is but to overcome the barrier, she does it in order to be close to him but in turn she becomes a musical genius which Chiaki Sempai already is.

Both of them have the same love but another layer is within which is their love for one another which is subtle but endearing. I need to strive, but for who and what? I need to start journaling, otherwise my students from the AMAZING 2 HOPE will definitely fine this bloggy real lame and boring.

My birthday has passed and boy did I started my own party. Total cost is about $160+ so it is still alright. The girls from 2Hope were their usual self, so happy to see them all, they are like related to me as I am always elated to see them. Though not all of them came but it was okay cos I did invite them in the midst of their exams. Hope it did not cost them any distractions from their revision. Thank you aunties and uncles who let their daughters to my party.

Perhaps it will be the last party I will ever hold for myself. Next time I will rather have small dinner with a few close ones. It isn't because I didn't enjoy myself but there was just a tad feeling of loneliness that crept into the whole "birthdayness" of everything. Angela was there but it felt that she was sacrificing then wanting to come as it showed on her profile. However I cannot complain though she gave me a wonderful pre-birthday bash which I really don't need and don't usually celebrate but she insist so I patronize but it was a really sweet and I am appreciative. It is just that I just do not feel like it.

I am really beginning to suspect it is the nostalgia of my father's death and the whole pacifying thing about my immediate family which made me like this. And of course a whole load of issues which I sincerely offloaded.

I need to do something, something that will build my self confidence up to whole new level, I need a breakthrough. God?