Thursday, October 18


I have to blog this. It is the first in history and it has to be with a bloke with no sense whatsoever about soccer being just a game. It is really silly, if any of you were in the mind of ian loy during the argument, it will be like a kid whose candy has been taken away and I am the antagonist. Since when??? I have never had real problems playing the game that I play and this person has to appear and cause the whole galaxy of common sense to fall apart.

Like someone say "Common sense is really not common at all" At the end of the day I must say I contributed to it. But it is really silly, right after the incident, I ran to him and apologize straight! He said I am not sincere...I apologize again...He walked away. is me, I happened to be there and he happened to be there, hard luck or rather a testing of temper. I must say I improved a lot, if I were younger, i would have busted his face. That I have God to thank for really. God is good as His goodness and mercies shall follow me forever and ever.

Well I am the first of Brighton's history to be RED CARDED or banned for a game. So silly, a game of passion turned malicious just by not having a bigger heart. He kept insisting that I am out to injure him??? Then again this person has real issues that only he himself can handle, I cannot help. I played my part and next time I'll just steer away from him if I am ever playing against him again.

I am thinking about 2 Hope again! Hope they can come for BBQ and fun games this Sunday. Are you gals coming or not???

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