Friday, March 3

I crave a divine understanding

Understanding the exegesis of the Corinthian Epistles is one heck of a job. Whatever Rev Ruth taught in class today includes scholarly constructed words which I received only 40% or less of it. The the biblical view of ian loy is definitely much simpler, am I do stay like this and struggle in bible skool. I am beginning to waiver in my thoughts about it. Yes, it is my calling to come here, whether or not my vessel is ready to receive is another. One thing is sure is that I am gaining depth here. However I envy though the older personalities of my classmates who grew up young in church and started passionately and diligently in the pursuit of His Character in the various mediums offered to them in their time.

Why I have time to blog now? I am skiving. Feeling so bad...think I better head back to class before someone catches me. Better widen my capacity for head knowledge! This I can only ask HS to help because I am really at my limits. During class I was thinking about last night when my mum asked me to fininsh up the corn soup she made, and I told her I just wanted to eat the corn and not the meat pieces, guess what was her reply? "SHUT UP and EAT" so funny...whole family talks the same way however we know it in our code that love enfolds that ruffian alike language.

Rox sms me in class today. Shared with me what will make her really mad mad mad. Well, understanding her thoughts, who wants to be imposed of ideals and values of another person. I rather the person accept it and understand it on his or her own will. Like this she or he reap what she'll be more self revelating! Going back to class liao...super late YIKES (^_____^) P Jia You!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ain't you going to sydney in July for Hillsong conference? U can make a trip to visit your beloved Rox in Melbourne then yeah.