Tuesday, February 28

what you want to be when you grow up???

when i was relatively young, i wanted to be a number of things. Here is a list of them.

1) Zookeeper
2) Pirate
3) He-Man
4) Mother [wear my mum clothes that kind]
5) Ninja
6) Kindergarden Teacher
7) Fruit- Seller
8) Satay Man
9) ...think that is about it :P

I was really into it and every phase of what I wanted to be, I'll be really diligent about it and work towards it. For example like the zookeeper, I'll take my dog "Lucky" and spray water on it, make it look all foamy on him then use the BIG TOILET SCRUB and scrub him as if he was an elephant or something...a make belief but it felt really good as it was so real to the real thing. Poor Lucky, a subject to my dream coming true.

as I grew up, things does change. Passion grew to other taste in life and character takes a shape to direct ian loy to something that is of long term and yet I will not want to regret doing even as I wake every morning. Something I want to do that will leave a mark on life itself and not just upgrading it for entertainment, pleasure or even money. What will it be?

What Ian would want to see himself doing?

1) Youth Pastor
2) Theatre Practitioner
3) Youth Counsellor
4) Event Coordinator
5) Performance Artist
6) Artistic Director

These are just a few which I can be right now. But have not...why? I am waiting on the Lord. He will make it all well and He has been. If He can give me a blessing liken to roxanne as I waited for 1year in my chosen solitude. Imagine the magnitude that He can impress upon my life doings...Lord, I'll wait and till then I'll be at the secret place waiting upon your answer. Please don't let my defiant knees leave the ground for I want to be found in your presence always. I pray.

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yelsna said...

Hey Ian,

Who is Watermelon man?