Wednesday, February 15

"I know that!" she exclaims

looking over my arm and there was it. she pinched it for who knows what kind of reason, however it is my temporal photo album for now.

I just came back from a tim sum session with another aussie friend that stays near to the melbourne university. Oh how i wish I could just go over to Aussie and study there on a Shell-NAC scholarship, but I choose to stay and see what God has for me because if I go and venture I might not have what I have right now. There have been so many opportunities given to me this period that threw me off course in my journey and made me think what I really want and what He really want is totally different. God's plan is always higher than men's plan, He has a purpose for me and I am beginning to have a glimpse of it.

A blessing named rox was included and my life really became more blissful and understood how completeness can be in moments here and there. I know she is a few thousand miles away and I know things might "happen" but I don't wish to give up , instead I commit. I wish to have faith and want it to happen cause many others have given up on hope and perfection.

I choose this way because my God's character has duplicated on me. Unconditionally...I chose it :) what is impossible with man is possible with God. Things of the world will pass but He stands forever and so are the words and pillar of faith that stands within His children. If we grasp the concept of Him, hearts will see a tad clearer. There is a confidence in a future. We are the light of the world and the salt of the earth if we don't have the confidence, who will?

Just prayed for you :)

tomorrow leading worship in TCA. I need to stop being in debts with my homework and start handing it up on time. By this weekend all debts will be cleared. I need to master this human experience and understand that I need to live in a excellence to be able to be a greater blessing to other people. I will start anew in my vision that He has given me. And see where the HS will bring me a few months I believe He will bring me to a whole new level of perspective and prosperity in my life. It is coming for I am already blessed by a half "You know that right?" entry will be "Killing Spree" stay tuned for it wouldn't be so lovey dovey...VALENTINE's DAY is OVER muhahahaha...

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