Wednesday, February 15

the tale of two grannies Pt2 - the hainan princess *a sort of*

a story i hear from my aunt june, the youngest daughter of my grandma. She told me that my grandma when she was really young like in her teens, she was an heiress to many lands in hainan island. Wherever she wishes to go, she will be brought around by a sedan chair with servants attending to her every need. A kinda Paris Hilton I thought...but my grandma is one filled with rich morals and values not like the celebrity mentioned. Hence how did she end up here in Singapore with my Sailor cum Chef grandpa?

probably the war or the civil outbreak that was earlier. My grandma was then married to the hainanese clan of "Loy" probably in association with the many surnamed "Loy" in Singapore. It was a fall from riches, my granny really had to eat the humblest pie offered by the circumstances that was inevitable. But my late grandpa was the finest chef then in Singapore! Made a name for himself on ships that sailed throughout the pacific and finally settle in Singapore with my granny and started doing business in hotels. Boy, he can cook up a storm that will wet any appetite. My granny now is 85+ years old, a tad like a faded jade, however could still see the former glory of her youthful past brought forward by the enthusiaism of her telling her stories to me. Like for example how during the jap occupation, she was a servant to a japanese couple or something like that and how she was also a servant to a british couple after the surrender of the jappos.

now there is a ticking time stopper in her brain. a blood clot within her head that just might forbid her to see her grand children getting married and be happy altogether. Can tell she wants to see that...keep telling me which girl was good and which girl is not for me...i didn't heed it hence i did suffer big time, but she tell me this once again that i cannot ever procrastinate on the one that that she held her hands for long time and smiled the brightest at. I know what she meant and I agree with her because I really do love that girl as well. That lovely blessing of a girl is willing to be with me and that was it, though the trials has just started. I know granny...and I thank you for being there for me always. Love you Ma, *nong dai lu ai nong, nong bang lu tim ha lai gai ye du nong gai tim ah lai*

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