Saturday, February 4

I am going the ZOO! ZOO! ZOO!
How about YOU YOU YOU???

Primates, gigantic dumbos, slithering snakeys, jumpin baboons,standing tall giraffes,smelly hippos and mostly all animals who smell each others butts as their tradition. Yup...we seen them all today. Me and Rox...boy did we explore!

I mean the whole thing today was really good. It wasn't about the places or the things that we needed to do nor the food that we were about to eat. It was all about the company I am in. Wah Ian so worldly...tsk tsk...christian ah? Oei pls lah...God gave me a reason to live and that changed the way I walk,talk and live. Now there is someone else and of course it'll be another chapter in my life which will cause me to walk,talk and live differently because adam & eve kinda encounter is given. It is called love. Relationships are platforms to a long haul of commitment if it doesn't drive you to be excited and passionate about it...then forget about commitment or anything else from there.

Worldly love? Nooooo...worldly love derives something of the flesh and immediate demand or wanting of a certain something from one another. Here there is only enjoying one another's company and even in silence between us, we still can smile about it and be comfortable altogether. She makes me wanna love God more and thank Him even further.

Suddenly the thought of her leaving for Melbourne in 1 weeks time hits me...oh well...It'll be a testing of how much we want to make this work and be together for the end picture,right? Though the ends aren't really tied yet...I can only pray.

She told me "better keep my hands to myself!" jokingly as I mentioned to her about the abundance of young ppl in the MRT. And I told her that no worries for my hands are used for?...ummm... I didn't continue the conversational topic as I giggled it off. But I'll say it now:

My hands will be used to pray for you,
for I know hardships and unforseen situtions aren't few,

My hands will be the devoted promise I give to you
as sure as a morning dew,

My hands will be the God given comfort and embracing joy
whenever your life falls burden to the devil's evil ploy,

My hands will be an essence of a forlorn lover thinking about his half
as he types emails that all will know we aren't on an ordinary relational path,

My hands will be used to be the counting factor
whenever I count the number of days left till I see you in our next chapter,

My hands will be the rest that I place underneath my chin
when I want to steal a moment of time to cherish our little funny stints,

My hands I would place on my heart
to tell the rest..pls don't compromise my "rox" drawn art

My hands I will place in yours in the end
as we are both *dashingly* dressed up in God's beautiful plan.

Aiyo...what an attempt at poetry...think a professional poet will say..."Got heart and passion but no skill in literacy" hah...but I am sincere :P ya you hear me? You who teach me word lingo "I know that"

Now the array of photos from the Zoological...enjoy :) and I will promise to talk about something else next time kekeke...

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