Thursday, April 21

the word of the HOLY SPIRIT spoken in GMSS
on the morning of the 20th April 05...

spend the night before revamping five pages worth of notes regarding the prodigal son. It was really tough work. Without prayer and passion it is really a sucky job this is but hey? Thank the Lord for the fervor that He has instilled in me all this time to be patient and wait upon His calling, and today He called me to hundreds of students in GMSS. The topic that was spoken was "DESTINY DECISIONS" and this was to help the now generation who are thinking in this life with the notion of "what is my destiny?" to make decisions that will shape their destiny because there are good decisions and bad ones. And they are of course suppose to make the wise choice. I did what I could today up there. It started of with a skit that God helped me thought about, a present version of the parable that can further enhance the prodigal son parable being told by Jesus. Check it out below (^______________^) _

What is My Destiny?
[Short Skit] @ GMSS

Ah Boy

Ah Boy is playing his favorite XBOX game. He is reaching his final level when his game character died.

Ah Boy: Almost … almost …almost…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh man! Have to start the whole level all over again. Argh! [Continues game, father enters]

Father: Son?

Ah Boy: Not now Dad, I am in a LIFE and DEATH SITUATION right now….Die you stupid aliens!

Father: Son, you are going to BE in a life and death situation if you don’t answer me properly. Now I want to have some time with…

Ah Boy: Cheat code…XYZ up down left right… God mode!

[Father reaches over to turn off the television]

Ah Boy: HEY! What’s wrong with you? Who do you think you are?

Father: [Dumbfounded] Ummm… your father?

Ah Boy: I KNOW, but I was trying to complete the game dad and…

Father: I need to talk to you regarding certain things in your life. Now your grades aren’t doing very well. Even your pet subject is a just passed. Is there something troubling you?

Ah Boy: No dad, nothing is troubling me. Even …even the best person fails at times what. That’s what you always tell me right? So the more I fail the more I succeed. [Looking sheepish]

Father: [Pause and looks at his son, disgusted by the way he answered] you know, I think you spend too much time with that girl; I want you to stop seeing her!

Ah Boy: WHAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN? And she isn’t just a girl, her name is BERNADETTE, she is 14 years old and she is beautiful. You haven’t even see her yet…I mean her eyes…her milky coloured skin…her hair as the winds blows by her…You just don’t know her Dad. Why are you so controlling?

Father: Because I am concerned and I care about you!

Ah Boy: Then give care to someone else because I don’t need someone to control my life, I am old enough. I am “15” yrs of age, I think I know what is right and what is wrong!

[Father gotten fed up with his excuses, plugs out his XBOX and leave the room]

Ah Boy: GREAT! Take the XBOX, I don’t need it, I am a grown man! I am 15 yrs…yup I am 15…KING OF THE WORLD! [Sits in a corner contemplating]

[Few weeks later]

Ah Boy: [on phone] Darling, baby…why? Now he is not better than me. What? Just, just because he has more handsome than me and you are leaving me to be with him? But I given you everything you asked and I starved for almost a month, played truant, skip classes, failed exams and gotten scolding from my dad. Come on…without you…I am not the King of the world anymore, please don’t leave me… [Hang up]

[Long pause] [Father enters the room and sees his son…with much guilt Ah boy makes subtle eye contacts with father. Father opened up his arms]

Father: Come. [Gives a big hug to Ah Boy]


the truth is I really really had nothing on my head. All I did was to ask God, what do you want this young minds of the present to hear today? And there a certain gusto of courage came, though it was unsteady at first but it went stable gradually. like a chick i thought that is learning how to fly but the wings are still soft and have little feathers, I felt that way much. That picture is sticking to me.

Today the teachers gotten a shock when they knew that I was 25 yrs of age. They thought I was some young punk still waiting for results and doing this for fun or something. But they realise it when I spoke and held conversations with them. Sigh, we still live in a society of first impressions, very difficult to shake because I am guilty of that as well. All we can do is to always try our best to see beyond, beyond my youthful looking face, hair and dressing. I have strange feeling that I will be like this for a long while...oh well...may it serve God well anyway in whatever he gave me, be it knowledge or talents.

One bad thing I did today was to ask winston how I fare in the two assemblies. I am so sick!!! Who am I suppose to please, man or God?

10Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ. Galatians1:10

Anyhow winston that cool dude told me I fare okay for the first assembly and *ROCKED* the second assembly. To me...I didn't really think it was me there because I was like in a euphoria of love...just trying to share some of mine to the hundreds before me. I thank all those who have prayed for me, especially Danny, Angela, Wing (my new found friend, will hang with her soon and have coffee with her if God permits), Ps Rachel, my three dear CGLs, my kids in area, Alywin, Reynard, Weilin and and big thank you for those who know me and supported me morally or even spiritually at GMSS. It has been an honour and priviledge to be there to share God's wonderful love. GMSS ROCKS!!! - peishan if you reading this, i want you to come youth camp ya, remember to ask your MAMA okay? Money not a problem ($______$) the important thing is you coming and join the fun bunch here with us.

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