Thursday, March 3

Aiyo...couldn't sleep! Very excited though because tomorrow we are going to Kovan Macdonald's to reach out to youths by survey kinda plan. It is called CLUB 10 where 10 youths are selected to hang out and have fun kinda thing but condition is to go to at least some youth conferences. It all sound like some cheap scam but what we are offering is really sincere friendship. God will surely bless (^___^)

Today I was quite stoned as I woke up like only at 1pm. Looking through recruit papers, looking for a job to sustain me. The serious thing is that if I go full head on as a theatre practitioner, I will have to compromise my time with youth ministry and time worshipping Him. It is so difficult given my background, given how much I have fight and endured to be a fairly known artiste in theatre scene. My mom thinks I am mad, my relatives thinks that I am possessed and my friends just say "Oh" Now what am I to do? Weichun say to me...Have faith that He will provide...yup...came to my mind is drinking from tap water always and pack bread from home. Perhaps I really need to do that. I need a job fast...Dear God, I would like to have a teaching drama job during weekdays, please hear me or give me projects that does one time off kinda thing that gives a windfall financially. In Jesus name Amen. There once a girl that said to me that she will feed me, now I look back I laugh, cos that could only be Jesus saying that to me! For He is faithful and one else has that capacity. Nt even me.

My friend gotten bad bad time from her mother few hours ago. telling her things which isn't true, defaming her, hurting her. This week I learn lots of things from mothers who are truly unreasonable. What as children of such do? Pray to God, consult your pastor, confront your mother or father. If they ever don't treasure your existence, let them know how you feel by the way they treat you, of course there must be a fair amount justice where on your side you don't let them too down (reasonably) but even you try your best as a daughter or son and they aren't happy, they scold you, beat you, spit at you...Jesus will embrace your tattered heart...talking don't work...confronting don't work...then I suggest leave that place! But this should be of last resort after all we should honour our parents.

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