Wednesday, March 23

the narrow gates

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only few find it." Matthew7:13-14

Narrow gate is my objective which i have lost grasp of it recently. The whole notion of worldly values came into my head compromising my standards and duties of my principles in Christ. I have been distracted. Interested in someone which I shouldn't, HS please bite me and make me the the best man for you than anyone else. I am immensing myself in holiness right now. It is a cycle which I am familiar with that is shown by HS for me to return to the altar and live my life 'SOLD OUT" for Him. Narrow gate is where God will bless me, God will honour me, God will give me...but on the way to the narrow...broad and wide spaces appear from nowhere, perhaps from the past, perhaps from the lust of the heart, perhaps the deceitful mind, all this suggest I am yet to grow mature in the true vine. I am moving, I am living but still not enough. Many enter the wide gate, meaning many compromised the word, compromised the truth. Jesus is prophesizing here, that there will be many who choose easy way, away from the cross and those who chose the cross which is the hardest way. Jesus went up there in will of the father, it is a "have to" in obedience, if we want to engage the cross there has to be radical obedience. Do I have it? Yes...but do I fail at times?...yes...but i will not give up!

"We are hard pressed on every side but not crushed, perplexed but not in despair..." 2 Cor 3:8

Today I was at sentosa with the brotherhood of Winston, LJ, Alywin & XX. Busking under the warm sun was just therapeautic. Was in the sea chasing waves and crashing into it with Alywin, what boyishness emerged from us when it happened. Then I remembered that when I was really young, my dad picked hermit crabs for me by diving down under. So i thought to myself, "Why not?" Grab a large amount of sand and then came up with a shell and there it was...a small hermit crab...the whole gang was enthralled by it...never see hermit crab before you see!

Alywin took it and went to like have a bio class on it with the rest while me and LJ went to walk the coast of the beach, busking our tanned skin once more. Coming back only to find out that, Alywin went on a mission to get the hermit crab out of its shell, in the process the hermit crab's arm was pulled out!!! Yikes (@___@) God's thoughts hit me...If we live in our own world and be too involved in it, we will find it hard to come out of it. Like the hermit crab we will refuse to come out. But there is a God waiting in wonder to see you in His desire because He loves and is willing to die just to see you, in the process of us being drawn to him out of our will be the crab, we might lose a limb or two and these limbs are the stubborness and comfort zones. It will be painful but it is only for that moment as there will be an eternal lifetime of joy that awaits in a new world besides the small shell that we chosed to dwell in.

In you I'll be found, ALWAYS & FOREVER

Dear Jesus, break the shell, break our prideful spirit, break me and make me up new like you, Jesus. Jesus name...amen.

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