Thursday, March 31

the billabong girl with alluring eye shadow and beautiful orchid earrings...

Set out to setosa today again. What irony it is when someone always asked me to go in the past and yet I don't want to and now I see an abundance of it every week. So Silly. Was out with LJ the drummer guy and we had loads of fun, crappy out at one another and making fun of ang mohs that were pretty weird around us. There this fella who keep smoking non stop and I mean really profusely. Every trip to the sea and back, he gets the cigarette and sticks it to his mouth. A routine seen many times over a period of just 30mins??? I was like what? and LJ thought of "constantine" a character of a horrifically lousy film bout angels and demons who smokes his lungs out (what is hollywood teaching young ppl today) there is one more thing about this guy that really got us watching him. He is one "HAIRY" experience... I mean if Abraham was there, he would have said that God will give him offsprings as many as the "hairs" on his chest!!! He is really hairy and smoking loads as well. So we at the the edge of the shore, busking out our tanned skins concludes that the huge amount of nicotine this guy is taking in has manifested into the huge amounts of chest hairs he has :) EEEK!

Had an eye for a billabong shorts today at the surf shop overlooking the choppy sea of Sentosa. Was pondering whether or not to get it. LJ was like complaining that it looks "PLAIN" but I like plain, plain things are simple and innocent, no need much to understand or decipher as one look will tell all and easy to embrace. I left the shop with much thought whether to invest in it or not cos I have lost my adidas shorts for beach outings. Anyways we went tanning then went to wash up at a secluded bathing area which was quite cool becos we had the place to ourselves, no one knew it was there then whizz down to SAKAE SUSHI to terrorise thier Unagis and Sushis. When we got there, we were so hungry we ordered things four by four...certainly got our money worth there. The surf shop was just beside sakae sushi, hence while I eat, naturally I think of it. 3/4 into meal time I decided to purchase the "plain" wonder billabong shorts. I asked for the size and tried it on "perfect" I bought it straight with much achievement I thought.

In life we ponder which is real and what should we be into and get...I sincerely think that as Christians, we should live life as attractive as the billabong shorts I was mesmerized by, though plain, but one look people will know what we are all about because of the simple decisions and life choices we make. We need to live it out excitingly cause otherwise people might just think our God is a boring God. Now me and you know that He isn't. He is very cool and amazing...parting of the red sea, making the sun stand still for almost a day, sending fire from heavens and having water coming out from rocks...He is exciting and the best is that he change our lives to be of the better, isn't that a personal miracle? We live our live responding to His love daily and thought of just being sold out for Him will definitely seperate us from the rest and people will take notice and ponder, whether or not to invest in this...then they take the step faith and try it on...there a PERFECT fit...praise Jesus (Back to the story)

I got the shorts and I passed it to a girl attending to me. I didn't notice her till like I gave her the shorts then her earrings got me. I have never in my life see someone wearing earrings that so perfectly fits her whole persona and outlook...I was swept! The she looked at me and her eye shadow, overshadowed my thinking system..I had a breakdown for those few seconds. "Is there anything wrong Mister?" she said to me. I just told her that I never seen such nice earrings on a nice person like her. Then I went on asking her where she got her earrings cos I believe those earrings will look extremely good on a certain friend which I always hang with. Don't get me wrong at this part of the story becos I am NOT getting nymphomaniac here (I learnt my lesson remember? Read previous previous blogs and you'll figure). There and then I really thought God is really the master creator of beauty. He put many many beautiful people in my life. Hope all of them come to intimacy with HS in time to come.

Today is chillout session throughout. Thank you LJ for being cool and later on to the night, we painted the town red with a movie "BeCool" Caught it together with Angela and Alywin. Though the night ended abruptly with unease...truth of God stays to ground all matters. Love all of you.

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