Tuesday, March 22

Seems like the fasting did not turn out well...fraility of me...well leaders are of human but I will not have this as excuse cos I will do it again till I succeed. Internet is of a dependence, people can actually reprimand or ticked off if you don't check your mail or maybe things just cannot go forward if there is no exchange of the mail thingy. What should I do?

I'll go on food fast, I just need to. God I want to surrender not to thy body but to you...HS I need will of yours, pls let me have it.

My skin is peeling because of over exposure to the sun. I feel like a wrinkled raisin right now. Recently my best friend gotten me rekindled to the game "snatch" again. Can't get enough of it now all thanks to her :P Today woke up with a headache, really didn't wanna wake up but there was a dream waiting for me to have so I need to wake or I cannot fulfill it. Praise to God always.

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