Friday, March 4

today rather quiet spend the day thinking about my future and preparing sermon outlines. There is a gift in me no doubt to come out some simple outlines which are really cool, all thanks to Judah Smith ethics. Tomorrow is Saturday, really hope my group people really understand being Christian is 24/7 and not just a weekend thing. Tomorrow we talk about Holy Spirit...John 16!

Was contemplating on working at starbucks for the time being, I mean I really need dough to pay out some of my bills and my insurance, not forgetting my daily needs. Most importantly is my tithe. Think I owe God much of my offerings be it praise, monetary and purity. Still giving it all to Him. So should I go back to coffee business? That is the question. Tsk...need much a job that will not compromise my ministry time with Him. Jesus have faith...let me not be like the rich fool...loving you on his terms

being single is a weird feeling, suddenly friends you don't know pops up and you have time actually in your hands. In terms of money, saved much as well...amazing isn't it??? But God don't mean for man to be alone...where thou art is the one? the previous i guess God dealt a Vashti on her whatever...Jesus I love Lord

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