Sunday, August 3

Evening already...
well it is a whole new experience not to care about anything or anyone today
felt a tad bit empty but at least there isn't anxiety
lying to myself again
maybe we won't even talk to each other anymore
perhaps that will solve the problems we have altogether
i don't know why things have to become like this.
Everything was fine...just because you don't like something, the whole world must be in it with you
just do it with your own effort and be happy (.\/.) or say it out...don't follow and regret, grumbling don't solve anything.
Sigh...what did I do???
What is a soulmate?
where can it be found?
How can it complete me?
Maybe the answer can never be found till...
I still not sure what have done
perhaps this is better for both of us
some breathing space
maybe this is a start for more quarrels to come
stupid quarrels that is
hate it hate it hate it
silence is really golden...f**k it!

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