Thursday, August 14

Tomorrow's IPPT is cancelled
sigh...have to report to station early to inform the officers...what a bother!
Got a hell of a tan with Yuan and Sunday
though we did squabble a little
made her cry and stuff
cos I told her about going over to rox's place for dinner and such
I too told her that me and rox are just best of buds
I understand why Yuan is upset
because I have to tell her before hand and not after
she too felt a tad bit lonely as CS is in aussie land
she can't share woes regarding me with anyone.
I feel terrible
I have bullied my partner
but I really love her
I'll just have to listen more I guess
need more communication.
Very Zzzzz...(@_@) _
need to crawl to bed
another day continue to bicker on here.
Goodnight my fellow monkeys

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