Thursday, August 21

Going for badminton selection tomorrow
quite excited actually
but a bit of a down mood today as I heard that
one of my close friends gotten Shell-Nac scholarship from NAC
I know i should be happy for her but I felt that I can excel in that area too
I'm wasting my two years in NS really
just doing my duty for the nation i guess
just can't escape
better read more to improve my theory on theatre so
that I can burst all out when I'm out of
the cage.
Lost my certificate stating my scholarship in 2001's fine...I'll just ask from them again, if not I'll work doubly hard again
to improve my craft.
Going Sentosa for Real Run Nike
before that staying with Yuan's family at shangri-la
can't wait, though I have to run 10km
better run my best...the faster I run...the faster I get to spend time with Yuan.
These past days has been tough
jog and exercise to get the excess weight off my tummy.
I have to continue
I have too
I must
where are you???
I need a driving license soon
my shorty friend had one already and she drove me home
so embarrassing. Well good and happy for her.
Hope I can take my test together with yuan, though
she already signed up due to a saboh
by RINA...
If you RINA, reading this...I WANT TO BOX YOU!!!
heh...kidding lah
Oyasumi (^_^)^

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