Thursday, January 1

Le'Expression De Coporelle When SAD

the earth split open and swallow me
my heart is stoned
endless tears
aimless walks
grey skies covers the sun
neverending traffic jams
a winning ticket washed in the machine
air valves stuck with particles
one chopstick
a grain of rice on the table
dead cat on the road
butterfly on a web
face the wall
broken flower petals
newspaper caught in a wind be continue as long as there is living

One week of no cecilia koh
contemplation of her non existence for three to four years
coming to terms with God's rude awakening
there is only sadness
but only when there is sadness
you can find happiness
in the most obvious spot
but then
denial steps in
I don't want it to end this way
I hate it
I detest it
I don't know
Dear God, I thank you for all the grace you have given me.
I thank you for Cecilia who has been there always for me
Pray to you lord that I could be the same for her too. But I'm failing in that department God.
I pray that as I serve you Lord, you can help me in this problem as I'll continue to glorify and sanctify myself
to you in all areas of your given abilities to me.
Please forgive me in whichever stronghold I have to stop me from loving you more. Forgive me for my long absence in
your presence. I'm sorry.
I now thank you for your grace given thru Christ and pray that all turns out well in your name.

I need to be alone with you Jesus.
Me and Yuan are having a hard time, be our healer God
Open the eyes of our hearts to see the many things we've missed
helps us communicate God
I'll fast to consecrate myself to have amazing things done tomorrow
your kingdom, my life, others and my soulmate Yuan.
I miss her.
What's going to happen?

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