Friday, November 12

Overnight prayer meeting was great. We discussed about the plans for youth ministry for 2005. There will be lots of structure change to my group of junior youth. Next year, we will push the 13yr olds to lead the group liao. pray that God will give them the given wisdom to lead the team with ownership and fervor of that similar of Jesus Himself. As we prayed and prayed thoughout the night, i thought of Cec as well. I am worried but I know i am doing the correct thing as I am called by God to have and attend this overnight prayer meeting. Why do we pray? Cos we believe the power of prayer change turn the lives of our people. God will surely send His angels to take care of another angel alike...cec...

The mission training in the afternoon was "GOOD", heard amazing stories and how we should write our journals for the glory of GOd. COme we never know how God will use it. Power in the gospels today thru us...a power unto salvation! As I was sitting there, I too was thinking bout Cec going with me to church from next year onwards, I know it is going to be tough and lonely for her in the beginning but I hope she remembers what the book of James say in the bible that "perseverance must finish its work..." (James1:1-4) After that, I just know God will give charge to her things that she never dream before. Yuan, seek Him first...and all shall be added onto you...(mabe Charles and Keith SHoes) you never know what (^_____^)

I need to plot down testimonies and this is one which is way back but it really happen one night in my living room. Happy reading folks...Let God be real, this real.

My mother's relationship with me has always been loving and
>cherished. Though hurts and unpleasant moments comes into it in
>boombastic measures that leaves us both distant and in tears. There
>was a certain hurt that stayed with me for a long time till Jesus
>eventually eased it out for me through prayer of brothers and
>sisters in Christ. Then I forgave my mother altogether. It was qute
>awhile back already.
>However on this night, 21/06, something happened. I was just
>worshipping unto the Lord singing "TO YOU" like there's only me and
>God in this world. I came back to my house. Sat down and watched
>some korean seria on teevee which I have no recollection whatsoever.
>Then I saw my mom. I ask her if i could know my cousin's ward no. in
>the hospital cos she gotten diagnosed with breast cancer and the
>spirit is leading me to pray for her. She wasn't sure, so anyhow she
>sat down with me on the sofa.
>She shared with me about this granny, she drove in a taxi. The
>granny was sharing to my mom phenomenon things which the Lord has
>placed into her life. You see, this granny was on wheel chair and
>was about to go under the knife for it to be better, *when* just two
>days before operation, her church mates were praying for her much
>before, prayed for her there and then and she stood up. Not just
>stood up but walked normally. She told my mom that it is from God
>and only the grace of God can allow a 60+ lady to walk again. She
>told another story to my mom, this time it was a wet market, and
>this granny was buying eggs. After she bought it, she walked to
>another stall, however the bag gave way. Eggs rolled out, though not
>broken but there was this one egg that was rolling towards a
>drainage hole in the drain at the sides of the stalls. Just before
>the egg was going in she shouted "Stop" and the egg??? Stop in the
>most odd position you can find. The whole market crowd looked at
>her. A sheepish voice from a vegetable monger broke the silence
>,"Hey Auntie, which God you pray to? Can make an egg stop for you
>like that?" She simply said " Jesus" She became witness of Jesus to
>the market crowd. Imagine the impact to proclaim God in that manner.
>I told my mother, that these things that happened happen for a
>reason, not by chance. I shared to her that things has been
>happening throughout my constant invitation to her coming to church.
>And God planted a number of events for her, us transforming in
>character, her mother getting healed much after I prayed for her (my
>mother's mom) in the hospital, my auntie raving about me changing as
>if she seen a new nephew and this granny in the taxi must have left
>an impression on my mom hence allowing her to rave about wonders of
>God to me? Power of testimony, AMEN. All thanks to this granny.
>Then she became solemn and talked about my cousin who has cancer of
>the breast. She began tearing and say that my cousin is too young to
>go away cos she has a daughter that has not come to age. Then she
>starts talking about my dad whom passed away 14 yrs ago. It was hard
>for her, there were times she was lonely and seeked refuge in the
>wrong way. She begged me to forgive her cos she loves us a lot and
>she didn't mean for all the things to happen. All this time I was
>praying while listening to her, holding her hands, wiping her tears
>with hands born out of her. I told her ."Mum,I forgave you long ago
>and it is because of the love of Jesus that makes this possible. I
>know your life ambition is to see us thru life and pass on, but for
>us, we want to see you in heaven. Life don't just end there Mom,
>there is more than that, you can see the transformation from my
>spoiled brat days to now, you can see my immature brother coming
>into a man of stature. it's amazing isn't it. All I ask of you is to
>just give yourself this chance to know God." Then she replied," and
>where was God all this time" I say to her," Mom, you can't find Him
>in temples and washing machines, in order to know me, you spend time
>with me. You want to know God, you have to spend time with Him. Give
>yourself a chance to know this person called
>Jesus.......silence.......and I'll wash the laundry for two weeks!"
>Persistence in prayer paid off. Fasting and worshipping Him always
>paid off. Loving Him in small or big ways paid off. It was worth
>it!!! Now to continue praying so that the ravens won't steal the
>blessings away.
>I urge all of you to live out and share your testimonies with faith,
>cos it is the most powerful and spirited thing just as in Roman
>1:16. Not be ashamed of the Gospel, of how Jesus has transform you
>or touched you. Rave it to the world so as to bring about SALVATION.
>Check out John 9, the whole passage about the healing of the blind
>man. This was one of the passage that left an impression on me when
>I went to Bethany Presby last Sunday in a quiet church with quiet
>ppl. Notice how much conversation was spoken by Jesus. Who did most
>of the preaching? Raving about God? THE BLIND MAN who was touched
>and healed by Jesus. He end off the chapter raving," If this man is
>not from God he could do nothing"
>We must RAVE, even with opppsitions of the world, we must rave. We
>cannot just sit there and be beaten by the frills of youth, frills
>of pornography, frills of what the world can offer. We need to stand
>and stand firm. Look beyond ourselves as youth and as instruments of
>God with an "amazing destiny" with Jesus waiting to explode as He
>reveals. FOr Him to REVEAL, we need to seek, and seek Him each day.
>Perhaps it'll be a long and boring process, perhaps it'll be
>exciting and fun, it depends on how much of God you want in your
>life...cause at the end of the'll be sweet...and this
>sweetness can be found upon the feet of Jesus.
>Mabel, one of my cell mates. Cry each day, worrying whether she can
>come to YF each week because of her aristocratic mother. I ask
>Mabel." Why you cry?" "COs i afraid that I cannot know Jesus anymore
>and I cannot help the rest to know Jesus better" said she. I have
>never stop praying for her. If Mabel continues in this thought, GOd
>will surely honour her as He did before. All of us have that same
>identity in CHrist, if God can use her in that way, so can
> your life right for Him and He'll give you only the best.

Thank you Lord, Lord of me away from temptations and blind my haughty eyes oh Lord. Cheers

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