Tuesday, April 18

this beautiful life

it has to be the fact or the feeling of being surrounded by young and beautiful minds of students that got me in the position of fervor and purpose. I am most willing to impart my life skills but I am most propelled to impart the good news of the gospel to them. I really love them all, though they are all so filled with the "EXTRA" energy of youth, rampaging the many life paths of people around them.

with all the plays due in three weeks time, I have the stress that I might not finish in time. I just hope I can spent more time with this youths so that I can share and relate to them that life itself can be much better. Life to us may not be kind but US to life? We can make a choice and it was Him that made it all possible because He is helping me look at life in an eternal perspective.

it was so weird and all familiar when i found out that some of my students actually have the same family structure as me but in different ways. My dad passed away when I was ten and there was this boy whom i met at a concert actually belong to a "home" with a charitable organisation. And he don't actually live with both his parents all...oh dear...why the generation of us is all so broken?

Perhaps to see the perfect love that God wants us to see that He can, He had and will provide it for us, despite our ignorance or rejection. I will do my best in this school and will pray all day just to let them see that if I can get out of the hell hole...they can as well...sun will shine brighter for them, food will taste better for them and life will be much beautiful to them as to me.

YCKSS rocks big time!