Saturday, November 1

Today is stay-in Saturday
Went for SGT course in the morning then came back home to have
a snooze marathon till now.
Receive mail from Luanne. Miss her a lot. All those fun times
in Lasalle-SIA and playing mahjong...i want them all back :(
Not seeing Yuan for awhile. Don't understand how she can take it...perhaps
it is the drive of exam and stuff. I'll just find other things to do.
See lah Ian, never go out with your other friends, now very awkard to call them out right???
Stupid me.

I guess I have to start letting go and not being so commited commited. Not that I don't love Yuan.
I do love her very much but I think I have forsaken my own space for her.
I need to come back to my orgin being. Wah many 'I'
would sound like I'm very "ego"

TRANSFER is within my grasp*
My head of office has given me two weeks to consider my transfer
from now there is one week left
Want to make myself happier really...don't mind going to somewhere nearer to my place
the mornings would be much much better for me

Miss my dear...STOP IT IAN
so whiny!!!
just forget about it and do the rest of the things you want to do always lah
1) Shopping
2) Meeting up with old friends
3) Readings
4) GO to Zoo myself

Maybe I should go there tom. I just like to see animals.

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