Wednesday, January 14

i couldn't sleep cos I had minor squabble with Yuan.
looks like it has been a long long time since i have updated.
no more transfer already
staying put at Bedok station for good. And perhaps it is a good thing after all cos I have
a tad bit more time
but yuan says not enough
but I want to try
God must come first naturally then all will fall in place
really it would, i just know
cos she mean well for me. I will have a resolution
that is to sleep 1130pm everynight on the dot...
I would...I really would
to prove to my dear I am serious about her
minor setbacks today cos of Prayer meeting and late dinner but it won't stop
me. yuan, you must give me chance ya
you can have space to be angry but you cannot have space to neglect me kay
or abandon me
really love you a lot though you bicker about my bad habits a lot
for own good. ya

God was exremely real on Sunday
talk to Esther whom thru God's grace came down to church
still her shy nature but lovable
just like the three monkeys i know that live in ubi
Pray that God will help her in all ways to reach the spiritual Father that lives ever and ever

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