Monday, September 3

Ian today

Blogging returns only because my students from CHIJ St Nicholas inspired me to. They are the best bunch of gals that I have taught since i have taught. They are all so cheerful and intellectually engaging. Watching them put up such powerful presentation made my day last Monday.

People say that my blog is dead, but in my life and beliefs, resurrection is real and still can happen, maybe not as how people will see it literally but perhaps from a metaphoric view as well. Life without purpose is also dead, but once a God size vision is placed in your heart, your vibrancy of life goes up the charts once again. I have officially graduated from SOT. What is next?

1) Want to establish myself as a theatre practitioner, be a light and salt in Singapore by influencing trends, not running away from it and stay hidden in the church that might breed righteousness that is self taught, not God thought.

2) Want to grow my cell group from 14 members to 20 members. Anybody interested in joining me? Fun and purpose guaranteed.

So far, this is it. Then of course I have to work fairly hard. Though I have yearning to be a Pastor but I do not have that calling yet. My SOT pastor once said, if you feel that your track is always getting blocked, maybe you are on the wrong track? I am going to grow my gifting and be a great influence. Give back to what God has given me.

God I love my young people, bless them. I love my students also, bless them to stay cute and smart always. Love you 2 Hope :)

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