Tuesday, September 11

Kyoko, a dog that eats poo!

Everytime when she shits, that is the exact time I have to clear it. However if i do not do just that, my dear doggie will go to it and munch down as if it is the most delicious dessert made available to her by her. Wah lau! How can a dog be so stupid, eat shit everyweek! Sometimes when she licks me, I am like YUCKS now. Hence every bath time, I will have some dettol and toothpaste with me to de-sanitize the dog. However she is really cure at times where she does whatever you want when you have food in your hands. She sits, she lies down and barks, not forgetting fetching bones and balls. She really has a bad habit. Whenever the food [I mean real dog food] is serve late to her, she throws a princess's tantrum! She runs amok around the house and pulls all the shoes stacked up and jumps around aimlessly to get your attention saying "Where's my food you DUMMY of a human ass, I am going to destroy this house if got no food ROAR!"

Argh, having a dog is a real responsibility. Gonna give it a bathe soon, stinks of something sour on her, hope she is not rotting or anything. Come to think of it, it has been quite sometime since I did something crazy with her like chili padi, and having her in the fridge, what should I try next :) i love my dog.

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