Tuesday, November 6

Another day in the Mundane

Felt so lethargic lately. Sleeping more than 12 hours and getting little exercise, no wonder the "signs" are showing. Have to put myself on the regime to reach an approximate amount of exercise everyday. Unhealthiness really puts depression on high for emotions. Angela tried to tame it on Saturday when I was in deep thoughts about it. I know that I am who I am and it is okay but it isn't when I know I can be healthier. Sigh! I guess fat people really have it rough where people tease them about their size and weight. These people are so mean. Maybe perhaps God will punish these people by giving them a new body in heaven which has a size where you need an equator for its belt. Teach these people a lesson.

Been listening to chill out music a lot too. Especially "Lee Morgan" some Jazz person or band. He plays music so good, it is almost like enchanting my thoughts and feelings.

I want to talk about God too. Next blog.

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