Wednesday, November 7

Our Cell Group having a decent meal on Tanjong Beach, Sentosa. As you can see, all of us are very into the food though I did had break fast with some of them before that. The food was great but I only ate half of it. We are there for a baptism service which was quite backwards and things seems to have certain misfits. Well nothing can stand in the way of change except stubborn tradition which refuses to be relevant. There is hope.

Us spending time at the beach was really refreshing after the dull walk through of time across exams and certain issues of mundane emotions which isn't not possible to solve by a simple plea to HS to ask Him to just touch for a tad bit. I haven't seen Roy (Above) for the longest time but he enjoyed himself with the company of fellow girl members Sandy and Cherie-lianna. The play goes on into a frisbee frenzy then into Captain Ball which got everyone quite excited. Daylight slowly passed away as well as the excitement. Soccer arises in the midst and Danny Koh came into
the picture of soccer after eons of yrs.

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