Tuesday, September 20

Hours of reading @ TCA library

struggling to get thru the 28 chapters of Acts...I think I have a few more chapters to go. I am slow because there are a few incidents recorded within the chapters which I don't understand and I have to like read two or three times in order to have a vague idea of what Doc Luke is trying to tell me the "practicing" youth pastor...like that how to improve ian...aiyo! I need rheama desperately, not by might nor strength but the SPIRIT of God.

Later tonight I have to finish up Christmas script which I have owed Yanping and Lai yien for the longest time. It isn't about me procrastinating. When there is no inspiration, nothing will really move my mind and fingers to do the script passionately and in the end, I would only produce something half baked. Well I have to finish it by tonight with God given "BURNING MIDNIGHT OIL" powers. The script that I am writing for Christmas is titled "Hope Not Found" I am so going to make it a soapy and outrageous play, where makes people stand and take notice of the horror that of humanity is :P it is true what...humanity always have self destroying motives, what the bible says is very much a fact. Hence we need Romans 12:2, constantly renovating our minds to the works of God and not of the values and cultures the world want to sell us. If we buy into those temporal things, it'll pass away and we will definitely be crumbled.

Aiyo (*______*) I only have 10 more mins on this blogging spree. Now is like 10 to 5pm. The library closes for dinner at 5pm and reopens at 6pm, however by then I would need to prepare for my research and report writing class. Though I would reckon that during the class, I would be thinking on how to write my script later on in the night. Drama was my passion and my bane...right now...it seem like going to an old house which I used to stay and put in my box the things that I have left there and bring it back to my new house. Better remind myself not to bring anything that will decay my new house which is not mine but His.

Praise to be given to Him always for without Him, there is no me to begin with :) eh...suddenly remember that Angela just came back from some ulu place in Malaysia. Ps Danny asked us to query Angela if she saw any "FIREBALLS" from the heavens in that ulu place which was reported in Malaysian newspapers...if there was, I hope she took some photos man! Can you imagine? Fireballs from heavens *ian chuckles* I would be like awed for real, however I am very much awed by the lives being changed daily within the scope of people God allows me to meet. And the various miracles that happened in Nongkhai which God also allowed it to happen for my knowing, so that I can tell the world of His wonders.

Thank you Jesus.

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