Wednesday, September 28

q (O___________O) p

the panda strikes at 5am in the morning. Can you actually believe it? I am not sleeping well and it is a growing problem of mine. I remember partly the reason why cec was angry with me before was because of this sort of unearthly behaviour, well, it doesn't seem to go away even the aftermath of distance between us.

I have loads of things due but totally ignoring the urgency. I need to do things and get things moving ian...why am I stopping here and there...oh lazy nature! Get out of my life in Jesus name!

I have just finished a part of a power point presentation of Paul's first missionary journey. The group was like estatic to have appointed me to be their presenter next Monday for the group presentation. I was like "WHAT" kinda reaction when they break to me the was puzzling is why they came to a conclusion of me presenting? I am perplexed.

My father's death anniversary was yesterday. My mom put a odd looking candle outside the house making the feel of the doorstep unusually "indian" HEY don't get me wrong! There is no racial implications here...I love everyone...though there are people I dislike but I have to learn to love them, it is not an invitation to do that but a command by Jesus. He is the man? or rather God.

Okay I think I need to take a shut eye for a moment. Goodnight

(_ _) _ Zzzzz

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