Friday, September 2

first week of school ~ ending note

prayer helped me through this week, knowing that His presence is my comforting pillar always in class, in chapels and most of all in my assignments. There is really much to be done after many years away from books. Study warm ups has already began. However, flipping to the bible and read wasn't the main idea. I tried to read Book of Acts, failed terribly, why? Because I cannot understand it at all. I was so frustrated that I prayed, then focus was gained. I realise where I stand before Him and reading the bible isn't of an academic achievement kinda medium but of a life changing and spirit reformation process. I am knowing Him, as I read the book. It is like I have found my best friend's diary and I find a seclude spot to read about his works and life stories, how intrigue can that turn out? "Very" I am telling you. Once you have established who you are before God, reading the bible reveals much as the HS opens up spiritual eyes to areas where on occasions you find it bewildering.

I took 5 subjects but decided to drop one as I need to adjust myself just for this term. The subjects are:
  1. Book of Acts
  2. Research & Report Writing
  3. Life of Jesus
  4. Leadership in the New Millenium
  5. Spiritual Formation of a Minister

I have dropped Spiritual Formation as a Minister as I felt and forsee an overload of assignments, perhaps just too much for me to handle for first term. I need to have a feel of it first so I can gauge myself to prepare for next term better. That course that I dropped has a new lecturer and as I was thinking of which subject I should drop, God works in the lips of His people :) how? They feed me with info about his employment like he is new, came in with a business financial kinda background, however graduated from TCC with a Masters. I reckoned he will go all out and be at his best for first term, so guess what? i decided to drop his class. He will be much ethusiastic about teaching and giving "much" assignments. This is his first term so his first class will be his gauge, I pray and sensed that I should go for his class in the next coming terms, not now in my first.

Assignments are really "fun" right now though a tad bit dry but the amount of readings given is giving me new perspective of the Jesus I knew and concepts of the bible writers are trying to convey. It is like uncovering treasure that is hidden within the mass amount of wordings, HS I want more understanding to uncover more truths, so that transformation of self can happen everyday. Ending note of the week is like me at the foot of a mountain, looking up in all aspiration, knowing that as I climb it, I'll be going at it strength to strength...thank you Jesus...I have started because of You 10 years ago, You revived me 2 years ago from waywardness and now You are building me in spiritual strength! Love you HS...More of You please but there must be less of me :)

wanting wisdom from the fear of God...amen


Anonymous said...

Ganbade~~ q(^___^)p


Kailin said...

watermelon here...-.-
anyway... here's my blog.
i like urs. =)

Pearly said...

so exicted for you! have fun my dear brother! oh btw you've been plagued by the ad people! beware their new gimicks!