Monday, August 29

"blacklisted" on the first day i think (*_________*)

perception is a very powerful thing...this sentence crawled all over me today during my orientation. First of all, tell me why would an organisation put lessons on orientation days? I mean don't you need to be oriented to the flow of the school programs and schedules before starting anything? Ahhhhhhhh...however I have only myself to blame. Why? because I didn't look at my lesson plan properly as it stated 9.50pm - ACTS Lesson by Lecturer Lily Lim...*ian smacks his head* and I happily strolled into orientation and listened to boring but important guides into the schools belief and regulations. When suddenly it was break time, the facilitator of the orientation was actually Lily Lim and she asked me why I wasn't in class this morning???$^*%%&(%*) I was white washed :( and embarassed! told her truth that I didn't know anything about it and that I thought wrongly. I apologise like profusely...she gave a weird giggle and told me it was fine. Well that was a relief!

Made a really good friend in the same course and his name is "Safire Saion" He is one cool dude made by the Lord and delivered to do great stuff in future for his hometown in Bangladesh. He is of third generation from a family of Evangelist, I was listening to his testimony and I was thinking what rich heritage he has. Can somehow sense that anointing was bestowed upon him, greater than the previous generations. God please bless him in his time here as he will bless your name in Bangladesh. The week has just began for me. Looking good (^______^)^

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