Tuesday, August 2

my seclusion to be a person of 800

for me to be able to honour God...i thought to myself...there is no other way then to live a disciplined life. They say rules are to restrict, but after much thought I really start to understand that rules are ladders that guide you up to a point where there will be no more steps to take and then you SOAR! What a theory...really hope it works, after much dwelling in thoughts of Him. I came out with resolutions to keep me in check. Though it seems like a tall order but HECK! I want to be a SELL OUT for Him??? I must do something

1) Computer Usage 1hr each day [too much surfing might bring you a wipeout]
2) Two hours on Bible Study each day
3) Always write out my sermon outline before final draft
4) Always find opportunity to impart myself to my younglings
5) Pray for an hour each day at 8am

well God bless me :)

*ian is going up to a God given mountain and hide in cave to learn kung fu on walls*

I really wonder what will be in store for me. Right now, my feelings are almost similar to those back when I was just entering in to Performing Arts School. But this time it is totally different because I am going to Bible School to pick up skills and attributes to do my Heavenly Father's business.I still feel really free spirited,though I have been regimented a lot by teachings of leadership, which I have gathered over two years of youth ministry. I have officially forgotten the joy of loving children and teaching them, guiding and having fun. I need to find that back all over again. I forgot how to be me :( God blessed me for me being me because I honoured Him.

Lord let me honour You again. Give me what I need and I will continue this journey you set me out to do. Be it in youth or anywhere else, I'll go.

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