Saturday, August 6

sleepless in whampoa drive

the tom hanks show "sleepless in seattle" was one of my all time movie must watch. It was on the road when he was tuning to the radio where he identify with the caller of the radio station regarding the affairs of love and what is it like to fall in love. And the caller [played by Meg Ryan of course] said "to love is like MAGIC" Though I don't quite agree but it is the twinkle in both their eyes that made me believe that true love can exist when both is a willing and commited party to start this whole love affair otherwise,why fall in love?

1) To know what is it like to hold a hand or how a kiss is like? [try smooching a carrot lah]
2) To have a person wait on you whenever?
3) Someone to talk to?
4) To experience pre-marital consumation?
5) Just to be together so that it is of a status kinda thingy?

these are only some of the few reasons majority would like to try out. But if these are the launch of pad for any initial relationship, it'll be doom to fail. Relationship hitting rocks in no time. And most of the time, the girls get the bigger share of the sour cake.

love that potrays in movies are only the screen savers of the many failed realtionships that has happened in the world. How many famous personalities that we know actually start and finish a relationship or rather marriage properly? Sigh...why am I talking about this? I have no opinion bout this whatsoever? Suddenly feel lonely in this wee hours of the morning. God will bring her to me right? heh...what a thought! so I better go sleep and don't ever wake up before God prepares me the best, otherwise it would be
catastrophic. I am pondering over a three year covenant with God, but can I? My desire is to get married by 28 but hey it is man's plan. God please speak to me, or prepare me to hear from you if I am not prepared. f i am rude not to provide the offering, be harsh and allow me to know what is needed, for the glory of Your name is always of first importance! not my name.

Isaiah 55

8 “ For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” says the LORD.
9 “ For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways,
And My thoughts than your thoughts.

God does whatever He pleases, I must acknowledge His Sovereignity even in my loneliness and wanting to be loved mundanely. He'll provide a way out. happened before!

I am sure it is okay to pray for a spouse who will love God more than me. Someone simple not complex, not having foul moods or hidden ambitions, faithful...I NEED SOMEONE LIKE RUTH!!! study also bout her nowadays, Lord send me diva dreams...oops...divine...i mean divine dreams *ian slaps himself*

Loneliness is slowly embracing but prayer slaps in away for prayer brings about the presence of the Almighty who is already carrying me on the shoulders. In Him I trust will lean on for my providence and needs. He gives and takes away. I love you Jesus (^___________^)^

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