Friday, August 12

Sleepless in Whampoa PartII

走在熙来攘往的街头 你不再牵着我的手 小心翼翼的将你的小指勾 泪也小心翼翼的流 有些事情你在瞒着我 你终於还是开了口 淡淡一句~还是朋友 撕裂的心 犹如刀割 知道分手後你不难过 你比从前快乐 那祝福的话叫我如何能够说的出口 过往的欢乐是否褪色 想问你怎麽舍得 不要在耳边再说你会想我

why am I not sleeping? I just can't stop this frustration of feelings. I have to contain it...I cannot wake up before God has woken me up from my spiritual sleep. I have to, even if it hurts me. I have to. In my spiritual sleep, God is preparing me to meet with my destinies. I cannot jepordise :(

the above is a song which i like a lot. shocking ah? for someone that speaks so little of my native language. Not sure why i want to put it here in my blog but I hope it is something I could express to leak the frustrations of my heart. stupid frail heart *ian sitting on his heart suppressing it*

God, will she be comparable to me? which and who is she? could you give me dreams about her? I trust in you HS and will wait upon you.

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