Wednesday, October 5

25 years of dust...

had a great birthday gift from my lecturer Prof John K. I was topped in class with six other people in leadership of the new millenium module. It came as a surprise..."jawdropping" reaction pronto! However it was kinda uplifting as I was quite down lately with stress from school assignments and church ministry.

Just after the class has ended for the day, Brother Paul raved the crowd and everyone in my class bout 30 of them rallied to sing the birthday song for me :) it was the most heart warming experience since the Indonesian mission trip. It remembered me of the days back in Bartley where birthdays are a must to be celebrated. Today however is suggestive of the watered down kinda care we might have in ministry, hope this will not prevail towards the future generation. Birthdays are important. Tsk tsk...ian many birthdays of others have you forgotten :P shame on you!

Skipped class today as my good evangelist friend Saion decides for me that my birthday should not be spent in class till like 10pm. Hence we journey out to paint the town RED and we really had fun with a hilarious movie titled "DUKES OF THE HAZZARD" though I really wanted to watch something korean however none was up, too bad. AFter the movie thing we journey to Swensens for some chow down on ice cream, had a free one also due to their all year long birthday promos, how blessed it is *Yum Yum* strawberry ice cream are still oozing out of my mind tantalizing the senses of myself to go get somemore argh...

Okay my birthday is practically that. Sounded boring? Heh...can't be like last time where got gf to celebrate for you or a bunch of crazy young cell members to throw a party for you. Have to be contented, besides for a number of years, my birthday was always left uncelebrated due to my dad's death anniversary a week before my birthday.

Last hour of my birthday, at 11pm. I was with James Pang and Chin Hao. I didn't really expect to call me out but the outing to Popeye's Chicken at the Airport was fantastic. Always loved the airport as it gives my a leaving away for somewhere better kinda feeling, almost a replica of what I feel during worship session but of course worship is much much better...cause Heaven is revealed and I know where I stand.

I am thinking about future now. Perhaps next term, I will not do any project with church besides ministry work and getting my stuff together in biblical pursue. I need focus. Still this term, too many focuses. By grace of God I am getting grounded, day by day...tired though...need to replenish with fresh oil each day, that's why when I topped the class, I knew it wasn't me but by the power of the HS. Thank you for your ever touch in my destiny Lord Jesus.

Nongkhai here I come...leaving for Udon Thani next Tue, so blog readers, stay tuned for more impressions of HS and me.

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