Friday, October 28

blacklisted yet again

i am really getting the reputation of skipping chapels in TCA. I am not being proud of it but i really want to attend however i need those time to meet out my young ppl or even to rest. Though those times are really good...all of us gathering and stuff, however there just not enough time. I need time! To do my assignments, to check out my granny, meet my young ppl and even time alone to reflect. Today my good friend from bangladesh sms me that Regina [administrator of TCA] wants to make an appointment with me with the dean of students. Hmmm...bad news...never had this problem before. If God sustains me till here, I am sure He'll follow me thru till the end. There is a need of a good student to emerge within me at this dire times of mischieviousness...hehehe...i think (^0^)

Assignment deadlines are approaching! Owe my lecturer a outline of Acts paper. I would need to check out my biblio tom morning at the library.

Ian, you would need to wake up *KOK* alright wakey wakey!There are things to be done tom!

1) Borrow lots books for your two reserch assignments
2) Alter your "COOL" brown pants from Thailand
3) Spend sometime to read the books for your book review
4) Spend closet prayer time


Anonymous said...

abandoned blog

JosiahH~ said...

haha hey broz!!=Dhahaz thanks for being there and such a wonderful teamate in MT 2005!!hahaz realie thank GOd for euu!!haha we had been toking abt euu since mission trip and everyone misses euu!muz come n visit us when euu are free!