Friday, October 28

an 85 year old gem losing her shine

my grandma is located at 9C Bed 83. When i first rushed to TTSH and into the emergency department, there I laid my eyes on a very frail lady with whimpering groans setting the atmosphere of lost between me and my gradma. It is almost a total contrast of her the night before she got admitted to the emergency dept. I even had a conversation with her before she took a dump in the toilet about 3am in the morning and now...she is just listless and vexed with this silly headache.

i have decided to get someone who can share with her the gospel in hainanese...perhaps she needs to hear from someone else besides me...she just don't believe the good news when i put it to her or am i just annoying to her *sigh* please HS, speak hainanese to her so that salvation might just go into her and breathe life into those problems old age has! Argh! death...whereas the bible says the kingdom of God is within grasp...she needs to know that...we are living the shadows of Kingdom now. Buddha has no answers to death or dieseases besides the whole thing about past sins, past doings, past this past that...and then next life a mouse, a cow, a horse? What meaning is there? Then in this much good then how much good is enough...i need a miracle...i need HS to make it right for her in this life for He is coming.

the vacant room of hers resonates love, concern and years of gratitude when she tries to replace the much care we needed from our late father with hers by bringing us up together with mom.

a feeling of loneliness suddenly...thought about the blood clot in her is quite impossible to have surgery on that at her age. I look to You, for You to look into this. Pls I emplore you my as you please, for You love us first.

[i will give three reports on thailand soon, it was a eventful and fruitful trip...stay tuned]


hotcake said...

Hey. Fret not.Lift everything to Him. Claim His promise in Jesus' name. I believe your grandma will be soon well and saved. (:

Scott said...

Hi im from brighton. My grandma is from brighton too and my bot hgrandpa and granyn are hainanese too n they both accepted Christ. My ah gong has passed on but thankfully he accepted Christ wit ha few yrs left in him. My grandma comes with us to church too every Sunday now. I hope ur grandma will too....dun worry too much....Commit to the Lord

Scott said...

sorry i mean my grandma is hainanese too