Friday, January 6

year year...In God's allowance

I am back in TCA with still much of last terms work yet to be done. Hmm...I am really bad at academics but I must try my best, I must. I pray to Him who called me and He really wants to kick my A**!!! I really need to buck up on my studies and get on the track and discipline that will shape and discipline my spiritual man within. Thank you Lord, for I will look forward to the spanking sessions in the secret place :)

this year I have four main resolutions, the rest i will not reveal to my blogger fans [like i have bleah :P]

1) to finish all my papers by due date for this term
2) to live a even more organised life with daily ritual with my calendar
3) to read five books daily to improve my depth of knowledge
4) find a good wife :)

Yuppers and this is my resolution for this year. If some bloke ask "why aren't your resolution like make you closer to God one?" Then let me tell you that God's relationship with me is very intimate, what He has for me, I cannot anyhow tell otherwise you might be implicated and I don't know what will happen. Furthermore, usually what He has for me is usually commands and not invitations, so you realise the severity of the situation? Kekeke...

Looking at my blog there are loads of things I have yet to update...perhaps I'll shower it with photos first. Ya, I'll just do that. Cheerios...this is a whole new year of fresh beginnings.


Pearly said...

glad to see you blogging again!
put up those updates soon ya?
God bless ya bro!

xodus said...

God will send the wife in time to come brother press on!!

joejohn0052 said...

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