Sunday, January 29

strengthening my "secret place"

this chinese new year (cny) eve have been the most boring. Especially the wait between the afternoon to the reunion dinner, argh excruciating i tell you. Then some of my readers will say wah ian, so unspiritual, go pray lah. But of course, but all in it's due time! I don't want to go to Him only when I am bored??? my joy i wanna go huggy my Father Yahweh...ooh the intimacy can be felt by writing His almighty name on this forgettable blog.

now come to the first day of cny and i will need to prepare for church cause this is like sometime since a public holiday of cny tradition hit Sunday...or i wonder

You know actually today is the one day I could see the flexin of the spiritual backbones of my peers in church and see how sacrificial can they be in giving up the important hours of the first half of the day to come give worship to the almighty which we ought to be in one union always. Heh...who will I see? Will you be there reader? or were you there?

Met up with my church mates at Ben & Jerry's after a long haul of food intake... seafood to be exact, into the mouth WAH i tell you super duper full...i know that this is not one of the things I am called to be the head and not the tail in and that is eating. Felt like puking man. BUT "chunky monkey" was delightful at Ben & Jerry's. What is more special about that place is that we found to gems God hid from us and was reveal on an instance...Yan Ping and Eileen...wah this two such friendly and hospitable people, what i can say I enjoy the company of these two charming and chirpy young personalites. Hope to know them more, though it seem and felt as if I knew them forever. Of course it felt that way...we live in an eternal time and come from the same eternal God, this sort of feeling should be around! "Deja Vu" Like Rev Kong Hee said " We are spiritual beings mastering a human experience"

i will need to find out more things from what mere believers thought it is not important and hard to do which is to go to the secret place and worship Him. Prayer is like a heavenly conversation putting much of Him to you and you to compliments and it rubs off. Be holy for He is holy, how you do that? Know Him...communication is key, communication is a calling and what carries you there is the faithfulness. This word faithfulness keep ringing in my head during my secret place encounters with the one true God. Faithfulness...

God does not commit to "Talent"
God commits to "Character"
And the cornerstone of "Character" is "Faithfulness"

i have a faithful God...always You are there...always (^_______^)^

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