Friday, March 30

decision determines your destiny

I am embarking on a journey that takes me down memory lane once again. Theatre is indeed in my blood and creativity is what breathes out from me. If I am that good then let my decision to go back into theatre set out and firm out into old foundations which I looked away a long time back.

Now I am working with Natalie, a long time friend who still believes in me and my craft. I want to thank her so much in believing in me and willing to even pay me to help me get going into the industry which is rather a small one. I heard Danny once said that artist or art people do not really have a place in society as society demands people who can solve problems and give solutions to a higher living or a higher learning. He seems almost philosophical but a definite wise nugget to be pondering over it.

Ian is immersing into theatre. He needs to manage time and organisation of priorities since there are lots of things to be added in his life now, not forgetting Angela, CHC School of Theology and the productions that are ahead. I am still looking for a part time job to fill out my afternoons but none seems to come...pls come "afternoon job" come look for me and I seek as well.

Brighton Community Church will be going into a "BIG" revamp soon since the youth is about to combine with the adults perhaps in mid-April. A big move, with perhaps BIG HOPE to see things cheering up. However there things I wish to have a say on my blog which perhaps none other opportunities given to say or maybe even get implemented.

1) Have a dress theme for the worship team please. It looks like a fashion disaster on stage. The cool projection background does not help the team who is not helping themselves in that area. Chin Teck, please BURN those brown shoes!

2) If we are progressing as a church then we need to keep up with times. Our bulletin cum flyer cum phamplet really reminds me of students giving out paper info at SIM LIM or commercial areas, and most of the times it ends up into the bin. Can we have it all church info on cards perhaps like over-sized postcards with a relevant edge to it, sending out signals that we are serious and progressive church that demands excellence. God's progressiveness and creativity pouring out in every medium in our church. This helps people to be engaged in something fresh.

3) Spend some money to educate and to renovate into church presentation and the congregation. Then I guess with much prayer and word in our lives, revival is imminent, than to save money and look like we worship in the 90s.

*ian is speaking on his own and not representing any organisation but His church that he wish to see establishing to keep the hunger of Him growing each day.*

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